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30K Subscriber Special

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30K Subscriber Special – Las Vegas! The City of Lights, the entertainment capital of the world. 24-hour fun, hosting some of the biggest and craziest events …

30K Subscriber Special

30K Subscriber Special – Las Vegas!

The City of Lights, the entertainment capital of the world. 24-hour fun, hosting some of the biggest and craziest events across the globe. That’s right, I’m talking about Las Vegas. For any gambler this is the place to be, with more casinos than you can imagine and every slot machine and table game conceivable. There’s a good reason why people travel from across the globe just to go to this spectacular city. And that is exactly what I’m going to do to celebrate my 30k subscriber special on my Youtube channel, StopandStep.

That’s right, I will be travelling to Las Vegas, Nevada on the 19th of November 2018 from the U.K. for 4 days. I’ll be going to some of the biggest casinos like the Venetian, Belagio, MGM Grand and Ceasars to play a whole range of games; from slots to roulette to poker and hopefully I’ll be coming back with all the casinos money.

But going to Las Vegas on a trip like this isn’t just for me, it’s for you. I’ll be recording all my sessions there and posting them to my Youtube channel, which hopefully most of you have already looked at. It’s definitely worth subscribing now if you haven’t already so you don’t miss a thing, and the first video will be published to the channel on Tuesday the 20th of November, with regular live streams as well so you can all get in on the action. This is truly going to be a crazy few days with plenty of big bets and hopefully some big wins. But I need your help..

As I mentioned earlier, this trip is for you, my fans, and as such I want you to help me decide what I should be playing. What do you guys recommend? Have you been before, if so where are some of the best games and casinos? Is there anything in particular you’d like me to play – maybe a game I’ve already reviewed or a brand new one that you want me to check out. For this trip, I want to hear your feedback so I can give you what you want to say a massive thank you to all those who have subscribed and enjoyed my videos. The channel and this website wouldn’t be here without you all, so let’s make this trip a good one and celebrate in style! Just leave a comment down below as I’ll be checking them regularly and taking on board all your feedback and recommendations. Make sure you stay tuned to both the site and the Youtube channel for more information and the latest updates.


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