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Mount M Slot

  • Another good-looking game with an Ice Age theme
  • Respins offer symbol upgrades for bigger wins
  • Up to 13,000x win potential is very enticing

Mount M slot from PlayNGo is an exciting new game with a fun Ice Age theme and features including respins, free spins and symbol upgrades. There’s a good win potential too up to 13,000x. In the base game you have 5 reels and 4 rows with 1,024 ways to win, but as we’ll soon see this can be expanded. You need a winning combination from left to right using the base symbols. These are as follows, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • Jack, Queen, King or Ace
  • Dodo
  • Wolf
  • Rhino
  • Tiger
  • Mammoth

There are wild symbols as well that substitute for all others in a winning combination apart from the scatter. It only appears on reels 2, 3 or 4.

mount m slot gameplay

Mount M Slot Bonuses and Features

Shatter Respins. If you land a wild symbol when the middle reels are glowing, a respin is given.  Now, 1 to 4 reel expansions are unlocked, and the equivalent number of animal symbols are upgraded to mammoth symbols. 

Evolution Free Spins. For this you need 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols, giving you 10, 15 or 20 free spins, respectively. You can also retrigger the bonus with as few as 2 scatters, giving you just 3 more spins, or 3, 4 or 5 more giving you 5, 8 or 10 more spins. This can keep happening up to a total of 68 free spins. During these, you can collect orbs which are carried by wild symbols. These expand the middle 3 reels up to 8 rows high in total. When the reels do expand, an animal symbol is upgraded to the mammoth symbol, starting with the lower value dodo. Another free spin is also given each time this happens.

mount m slot rules


Mount M slot from PlayNGo is an interesting game with symbol upgrades and reel expansions. In the base game this is more basic with respins, but during the free spins bonus you can continue to upgrade symbols and with 68 free spins potentially available, you can get a lot of big wins if it goes on long enough. This helps you get up to the 13,000x win potential. It’s quite a lot of fun to play, it looks good and can pay very nicely so all in all I think it’s a very impressive slot and well worth checking out.


  • A feature-packed slot with a fun, video game theme
  • Base game modifiers can work well
  • Free spins bonus can lead to some big rewards

Champions of Mithrune slot from PlayNGo is an action-packed, video-game-themed slot with some nice graphics and lots of features. It certainly looks the part, though some may find it a little childish. There are 5 reels and 5 rows with 20 pay lines. You need a winning combination from left to right using the base symbols. These are as follows, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • 10, Jack or Queen
  • King or Ace
  • Purple Champion
  • Green Champion
  • Blue Champion
  • Orange Champion
  • Red Champion

There’s also a wild symbol that substitutes for all others in a winning combination apart from the scatter.

champions of mithrune slot gameplay

Champions Of Mithrune Slot Bonuses and Features

Champion Features:

  • Anastina the Sorcerer. This champion adds a cluster of symbols to the screen, from 2×2 to 5×5 in size.
  • Old The Goblin. This goblin will turn reels 2, 3 or 4 into stacked wilds.
  • Silvana the Ranger. Silvana will add 4 to 7 wild symbols to the screen at random positions.
  • Gorm the Barbarian. Gorm will upgrade up to 5 symbols into wilds.
  • Syn the Shapeshifter. This will turn all champion symbols into Syn.

Free Spins Bonus. 3 scatter will trigger this and the power up feature is given. You have 3 lives with respins that reset when you land tokens. 3 tokens per champion will unlock their modifier, with all 5 available. Once the spins start, you can collect 3 potions to increase your multiplier, up to a maximum of 10x. 3 scatters will also give you an extra spin. Any tokens over 3 per champion are first added to the multipliers, then the free spins.

champions of mithrune slot rules


Champions of Mithrune slot from PlayNGo is a fun, fairly unique game with lots of features and a good free spins bonus. The base has champion modifiers that can trigger at random, though rarely do these amount to much. The free spins bonus can work very well with good multipliers and lots of modifiers unlocked, but at times can be disappointing. I think it’s a fun game in general though and worth checking out for most players, with a maximum win up to 7,500x.

champions of mithrune slot signup

  • A different type of slot with a gameshow feel
  • Only 1 main symbol with a ladder to increase your rewards
  • Nice idea but in reality it’s quite repetitive

PlayNGo have decided to think outside the box here and have done something quite different from your usual payline-paying game. There are just 3 positions in this slot, with the goal of triggering respins where you can work your way up a ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ style ladder to win the top prize of 2,500x your stake. On the reels you can land just 1 of the 2 following symbols:

  • Nuggets
  • Slags (Blanks)

forge of fortune slot gameplay

Forge Of Fortunes Slot Bonuses and Features

Forging Respins. These are triggered when you land 3 gold nuggets, and then you get to work your way up the ladder to earn bigger prizes. As long as you keep matching gold nuggets, you’ll keep going up the ladder. These continue until you land a slag. You can also land coal on the 3rd reel, but doing this will move you down the ladder, lowering your prize. When the alarm goes, the coal can mix with the goal, lowering the prize on the current position of the ladder. Safe runners are also available, and these will secure the current prize, preventing it from downgrading.

forge of fortune slot rules


Forge of Fortunes slot from PlayNGo is a very simple, fairly repetitive game that’s quite different from any others out there. You have your usual pay lines with lots of base symbols, instead you have gold nuggets and blanks, as well as coal sometimes during the respins feature. This feature helps you work your way up the ladder, all the way to the top if you’re lucky where you’ll get the maximum prize of 2,500x your stake. I do think, given that’s it’s quite difficult to achieve this, the maximum prize could be harder. It’s certainly not a slot for everyone and it can be very repetitive. It’s also frustrating when you get downgraded or have your prizes lowered, but they can also be secured which is nice. Overall, while it’s nice to play something different and it will no doubt attract attention for this, I don’t think it’s for everyone and it can be quite frustrating without the potential for huge rewards.

forge of fortune slot signup

  • A stunning slot with up to 9,000x payouts
  • Multiplier wilds can add together for big rewards
  • Let the vault code determine how many spins you get

Leprechaun’s Vault slot from PlayNGo is another Irish-themed slot with pots of gold and leprechauns. It’s certainly not a unique theme, but visually it’s very impressive with vibrant colours and a pleasing design. Set in the fairy kingdom, you have 5 reels and 3 rows. These give you a total of 20 pay lines. Just look out for the base symbols. These are as follows, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • 10, Jack or Queen
  • King or Ace
  • Horseshoe
  • Hat
  • Blue Fairy
  • Purple Fairy
  • Green Fairy
  • Leprechaun

leprechauns vault slot gameplay

Leprechaun’s Vault Bonuses and Features

Multiplier Wild. This wild symbol is shown as a bag of gold. It substitutes for all other symbols in a winning combination apart from the key scatter. It can only appear on the middle reels, and can have a multiplier on it up to 4x. If there are more than 1 of these in a win, the multiplier values are added.

Treasure Free Spins. This requires 3 key scatters to trigger, appearing only on reels 1, 3 and 5. Before they begin, you’ll be presented with a vault. This has a code on it to indicate the number of free spins you’ll get, up to a maximum of 24, as the value of each number on the code adds up. Once the free spins begin, all wild symbols that land will stay in place until the end of the bonus. These are the same as the base game wilds, appearing only on the middle reels with multipliers than add together if part of a win.

leprechauns vault slot rules


Leprechaun’s Vault slot from PlayNGo is quite a simple yet rather fun game from the developer, with a classic Irish theme that still looks good thanks to the impressive graphics we’ve come to expect from PlayNGo. You can win up to 9,000x your stake both in the base game and free spins bonus with enough multipliers, but it’s more likely in the main bonus as the wild multipliers are sticky. I think another feature in the base game might have been nice, but it’s a solid slot that can pay well and looks good, so if you enjoy other games from this developer you’ll probably like this one too.

leprechauns vault slot signup

  • A fun slot based on the legendary Megalodon shark
  • Random upgrades of small fish into sharks
  • Free spins bonus can lead to lots of valuable symbols

Mega Don slot is a shark/ocean-themed game from PlayNGo with a solid win potential and features that help you upgrade symbols to improve your wins. As you’d expect from this developer, it looks great. The graphics are excellent and there are some fun, fish animations. You have 5 reels and 4 rows to give you 1024 ways to win. You need a winning combination from left to right using the base symbols. These are as follows, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • Purple Fish
  • Blue Fish
  • Green Fish
  • Yellow Fish
  • Shark
  • Large green fish
  • Orange Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Megadon

In addition to these base symbols, there is a wild symbol too that substitutes for all others in a winning combination apart from the scatter.

mega don slot gameplay

Mega Don Bonuses and Features

Snack Time. At any point during the base game, up to 3 random small fish are selected and upgraded. If these symbols appear on the reels, they’ll turn into a shark symbol, including the Megadon.

Shark Feast. This is the main bonus in the game, triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols. The number of scatters will determine both the number of free spins you’ll get and the number of upgrading symbols. Just 3 scatters will give you 6 free spins and 1 upgrading symbol, 4 scatters will give you 9 free spins and 2 upgrading symbols, and 5 scatters will give you 12 free spins and 3 upgrading symbols. Symbols will be chosen to be upgraded. When these land, they’ll turn into a shark symbol like in the base game. These symbols are active until the end of the free spins bonus. In addition to these, you can retrigger the bonus, giving you not only more free spins but more upgrading symbols, up to a maximum of 6. 3 scatters gives you 3 more spins and 1 more symbol upgrade, 4 scatters gives you 6 free spins and 2 more upgrading symbols and 5 gives you 9 more spins with 3 more upgrading symbols.

mega don slot rules


Mega don is a well-designed game from PlayNGo and it’s all about upgrading your symbols into sharks, the Megadon if you’re lucky. This can happen in the base game from time to time, but during the free spins bonus you can get more upgrading symbols. You’ll want a good number of scatters though, just 1 without retriggers won’t do much, but you can get up to 6 upgrading symbols and 21 free spins, and this is where the bigger wins tend to come from, with a win potential up to 10,000x. I think it’s a fun slot with good payouts, maybe 1 extra feature would be good but I really like it.

mega don slot signup

  • A battleship-themed game with lots of features
  • Each hero has their own power-up
  • Super charged heroes can lead to big wins

Cash of Commanders slot from PlayNGo is a very fun, computer-game slot with a theme that clearly resembles battleships, but that’s certainly not a bad thing. It has plenty of features involving heroes that can bring you extra rewards. You have a very large 9×9 grid to play on with cluster pays instead of pay lines. Just get a winning cluster using some of the following base symbols, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • First Rank
  • Second Rank
  • Third Rank
  • Diamond
  • Star
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Ruby

cash of commanders slot gameplay

Cash Of Command Bonuses and Features

Naval Heroes. When you get a win in this game, you charge the meter on the side of the reels. Each hero adds their ship or submarine to the screen as it fills. These each have their own power ups to help you get more wins. The order of the heroes is random at the start of the game. The heroes are:

  • Commander Wilder. This hero has a blue ship that, when deployed, will fire 8 wilds on to the screen at random positions, hopefully giving you more wins. The super version of this fires up to 32 wilds.
  • Captain Verto. Captain Verto has a green ship which, after being deployed, will fire onto 2 different symbol types, turning them into the same time. The super version turns 3 symbols into the same version.
  • Admiral Magna. This hero has a red submarine that can fire 4 mega symbols on to the grid, later 2×2 versions of a regular symbol. The super version will fire mega symbols up to 4×4 in size.

Baron Fusco. Once you fully charge the meter, you reach Baron Fusco, the enemy in this game. He will destroy 2 of the 3 hero ships, and the remaining one will become a super version of itself. This then has an advanced power up of its original, depending on what hero it is, giving you even bigger rewards than usual.

Baron’s Turrets. If you have a non-winning spin, this feature can trigger, removing symbols from the grid and adding wilds in their place. These substitute for all other symbols in a winning combination.

cash of commanders slot rules


Cash of Command slot from PlayNGo is a very fun, battleship-like game with great visuals and some rewarding features. These include unclogging hero abilities that can do things including add more wilds and convert symbol types, each with a super version that is even better and this is usually the way to win big. There are no free spins here, but it doesn’t really feel like they’re needed as there’s already a lot going on. I really enjoyed playing this game and I think most of you will too, so definitely check it out.

cash of commanders slot singup

  • A good sequel with plenty of features to go around
  • Fun design from developer NetEnt
  • Good payout potential and a lot of fun to play

NetEnt have released a sequel to the original Space Wars, and it comes with plenty of features and a good win potential. It’s a fun theme as well, with colourful characters that clearly resemble some of the toonz characters from PlayNGo. You have a 6×6 grid with cluster pays, so just look out of the following base symbols, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • Any planet symbol
  • Alien symbols
  • Crystal

space wars 2 slot gameplay

Space Wars 2: Powerpoints Bonuses and Features

Column/Row Blaster. If you get a 4 symbol match in the game, a column or row blaster symbol is awarded. Here, all symbols apart from wilds and feature symbols on the reel where it appears are removed, adding PowerPoints to the collect meter. 

Zapper. A 5 or 6 symbol match in the game will instead award a zapper symbol. Here, 1 to 4 types of symbols are randomly removed from the reels, according to the number of PowerPoints in the collect meter. The zapper symbol can appear for 7 or 8 symbol wins as well in the free spins bonus.

Bomb. A vertical or horizontal match of the same symbol in the game will give you a bomb symbol. Here, all symbols apart from wilds and feature symbols that are adjacent to it will be removed, adding to the meter. It can remove up to 8 symbols in total. If it affects a multiplier wild, it multiplies the total amount of PowerPoints awarded but its value.

Wild and Multiplier Wilds. If you get a 3 symbol match, a wild symbol is given in place of one of the removed ones. In the free spins bonus, a multiplier wild can appear instead, with a value up to 25x. These substitute for all other symbols in a winning combination, apart from feature symbols.

Powerpoints. After a win is given, PowerPoints are added to the meter. At the end of each spin, a prize is given based on the number of PowerPoints in the meter. This can be seen above the reels.

Combos. The game has a few combos on it when you get multiple feature symbols at the same time, potentially leading to bigger wins and more PowerPoints.

Free Spins Bonus. If you collect 1000 or more PowerPoints, this bonus is triggered. The number of rows now expands to 8, enhancing the effectiveness of some feature symbols. You can also get 1 to 3 more free spins when you get certain thresholds in the collection meter.

space wars 2 slot rules


Space Wars 2: Powerpoints slot from NetEnt is quite an interesting concept, where getting more winning symbols leads directly to cash rewards based on how many you get on each spin, and of course free spins. These are played on a bigger screen and extra spins can also be won. When you get combos, you’re more likely to get more PowerPoints and this is usually the best way to get to the free spins in the first place. Personally, I quite like it. There are lots of features keeping things interesting, and a solid win potential at just over 10,000x, so check it out if you’re looking for something rather fun.

space wars 2 slot signup

  • A well-designed cluster slot from PlayNGo
  • Respins can lead to higher than usual payouts
  • Fun free spins bonus with good rewards

Rotiki slot from PlayNGo has a nice-looking Tiki theme and offers cluster pays compared to traditional pay lines. It’s a fairly low volatility slot and will suit casual players more than those looking for high rewards. There’s a large 6×8 screen to play on, and you need winning clusters of the following base symbols, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • Animal Glyphs
  • Green Totem
  • Red Totem
  • Blue Totem
  • Purple Totem

As well as these regular symbols, there’s a wild symbol and it substitutes for all others in a winning combination, as well as revealing a tiki magic power.

rotiki slot gameplay

Rotiki Slot Bonuses and Features

Respin Feature. If you get a winning cluster of symbols, 3 respins will be given where the non-winning symbols are removed and new ones replace them. If these new symbols add to your existing win, or create a new one, the respins reset back to 3. If you manage to fill an entire row with winning symbols, another 3 respins are given. Once the respins have run out, or you fill the screen with winning symbols, all wild symbols on the screen will rotate and reveal either a regular wild symbol, or a special magic power symbol. There are 2 of these and they work as follows:

  • Hanumi. This will merge adjacent clusters of different symbol types into the same symbol type, choosing the highest value symbol.
  • Whakarei. This will upgrade a cluster to a random, high-value symbol.

Treasure Room. In order to gain access to the treasure room, you need a full screen of winning symbols. This is a bit like a pick me feature, where you must select tiles on the 6×8 grid. You get 11 picks to start with, and each tile can reveal a blank, doing nothing, a spiral that adds 5 more picks, a statue to increase your multiplier by 1x, or a tiki mask that maxes out your multiplier to 10x. This will also end the feature, giving you 1,000x your stake.

rotiki slot rules


Rotiki slot from PlayNGo is quite a fun game actually, and it’s well suited to casual players. For those looking for big rewards, go elsewhere as the maximum win here is just 1,000x your stake, but the win probability for this is remarkably high and overall it’s a well-designed slot. The respin feature works well to improve wins and also fill the screen with winning symbols, necessary for the treasure room bonus. Personally, while it won’t be for everyone, it’s a great slot overall and worth checking out for a casual player.

rotiki slot signup

  • Based on the popular boy band from the 90’s
  • Pop symbols work in a similar way to mystery symbols
  • Free spins bonus can lead to lots of ways to win

Nsync Pop slot makes no secret about the band that it’s based on; the popular boy band from the 90’s, Nsync. I have to say it’s an interesting choice of band compared to many of their others which are normally focused on rock, and I’m not sure many people who play slots will be a big fan. It’s quite a nice design, set on a stage with screaming fans. There are 5 reels with a different number of rows, giving you 144 ways to win to start off with. Get a winning combination from left to right using the following base symbols, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • Clubs or Diamonds
  • Hearts or Spades
  • Chris or Joey
  • Lance or JC
  • Justin

And there is a wild symbol as well of course that substitutes for all other symbols in a winning combination apart from the scatters. It’s shown as a symbol containing all the band members.

nsync pop slot gameplay

Nsync Pop Slot Bonuses and Features

Pop Feature. This feature is just another name for a mystery symbol feature. Pop symbols can land on any spin and when they do, all instances of them will turn into the same, randomly chosen symbol type. This can include wilds, but does not include scatters.

Free Spins Bonus. For this you’ll need 3 scatter symbols, and when the free spins start you’ll notice above and below each reel are pop symbols. These are activated when you land pop symbols on the regular set of reels, turning into the same randomly chosen symbol. The pop symbols then become part of the main reel area, and you can get up to 2,400 ways to win like this. Wild pop symbols, shown as orange, can also land during free spins. They reveal a sticky wild whenever they appear, staying in place for the whole bonus. The pop symbol above or below it also triggers, increasing the reel size.

Encore Spin. If you unlock all pop symbols and get the full 2,400 ways to win, an encore spin is given. Here, only wild, Justin, JC, Lance, Joey and Chris symbols can land.

nsync pop slot rules


Nsync Pop slot from PlayNGo is their latest game to be based on a hit band, and it’s certainly an interesting choice given the typical demographic for online slot players. That said, it has some pretty decent features mostly focused on free spins, where you can get quite a lot of ways to win as you unlock the reel area and hopefully get plenty of wilds too and even the encore spin. Payouts can reach up to 5,000x which is fairly standard, and overall it’s a pretty solid slot but nothing special aside from the theme.

nsync pop slot signup