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Astra Slot Machines Astra fruit machines are probably most famous for their £500 jackpot slot machines such as Slotto and Reel King Potty, but Astra also have …

Astra Slot Machines

Astra Slot Machines

Astra fruit machines are probably most famous for their £500 jackpot slot machines such as Slotto and Reel King Potty, but Astra also have made many £100 jackpot fruit machines. Mostly found in arcades, Astra’s line of £100 jackpot fruit machines are not anywhere near as popular as rivals such as Bell Fruit, but they do often offer an enjoyable game, and a high streak rate which makes them high paying AWPs if caught at the right time.

Astra are very famous for their Party Time fruit machine which revitalised many arcades a decade ago. Their newer games are every much as enjoyable, but the competition is far more fierce.

Bullion Bars – Harking back to the days of the classic Party Time, Bullion Bars is a £100 jackpot lo-tech fruit machine, using the classic three player interface with a randomly triggered top feature game. Let the nudges time-out on reels two and three to be awarded a bonus nudge if the reels are right.

Gold Vault – Basically a rebranded clone of the above mentioned Bullion Bars, the Gold Vault £100 jackpot fruit machine uses a top streak feature that can pay up to £200. This is a three player AWP with stake options of 25p, 50p and £1.

House of Fortune – Another three player £100 jackpot fruit machine using the same playing style as their more popular Bullion Bars. The House of Fortune fruit machine opens the top game for a streak bonus of up to £200, with stakes available of 25p, 50p and £1.

Magic Games 100 – Magic Games 100 Ultra is a multi-game, single cabinet with a host of touchscreen £100 jackpot games. Each pays separately and can be accessed easily from the main menu. Many of the games are high streaking fruit and slot machines, so the quiet patches can be very long, but the paying amounts are often very large.

Party Slots 100 – Similar to the Magic Games mentioned above, Party Slots 100 hosts a range of touchscreen £100 jackpot fruit machines in the popular Admiral gaming cabinet. Games include; Bars Attacks, Winwall Party, Space King, 10000 BC, Cashanooga and Thunder Flash.
Bars Attacks uses three reels and a very basic gaming format to offer up to £100.
Winwall Party has three progressive cashpots; Blue, Green and Pink to award up to £100 plus a repeat chance.
10000 BC is very similar to Winwall, with three cashpots of varying values.
Thunderflash looks very clutered, but isn’t too bad. Again using three cashpots, plus a few bonus features.

Astra Gaming is part of the Novomatic Group of companies which includes Playnation, Bell Fruit and QPS. The vast majority of Astra Fruit Machines can be played in bingo halls and adult gaming centres.

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