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Bagatelle Roulette

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Bagatelle Roulette A popular FOBT roulette game by Inspired Gaming Win up to £500 with each bet, with odds of 37/1 Roulette style betting and …

Bagatelle Roulette

Bagatelle Roulette

  • A popular FOBT roulette game by Inspired Gaming 
  • Win up to £500 with each bet, with odds of 37/1
  • Roulette style betting and table layout with a bagatelle style ball release system

Bagatelle Roulette is a traditional style bookies roulette game, with a different type of animation to make for a more random style of gameplay. Bagatelle Roulette uses the same betting options and pays the same odds as traditional roulette, with 36/1 for a straight-up bet, and all corners and splits been divided accordingly. To help with your chip placement, there are neighbours bets available, as well as a host of special bets similar to those offered on 100 to 1 Roulette.

  • £5 Lucky Dip: A £5 bet will be randomly placed in the inner Bagatelle Roulette betting table. Chips in value from 20p up to 60p will be used to cover a series of numbers.
  • £10 Lucky Dip: As above, this time using a £10 stake and chips valued from 20p up to £1.
  • All In: Use all of your remaining credit at once if it is £10 or less. Your entire remaining balance will be randomly scattered throughout the inner Bagatelle Roulette gaming table.
  • Double Up: This bet will double the value of the total previous bet providing it does not exceed the betting terminals limits.
  • Add Again: This option places the Double Up bet again, so it’s effectively a repeat bet.
  • Perfect Bet: This bet places chips on and around a selected number, ideal for using it on your favourite numbers.

Any of the above special bets can be placed more than once, and can be cancelled at any time prior to pressing the bet button.

Bagatelle Roulette

The odds on Bagatelle Roulette are the same as standard roulette, and although the branding looks similar to 100 to 1 Bagatelle, the gameplay itself is entirely different.
Place your bets across the inner Bagatelle Roulette table as you would standard roulette, with numbers from 0 up to 36 available. Once all bets have been placed, press the ‘bet’ button to launch the ball. The ball launch is similar to a pinball game, and fires to the top of the screen before making its way down through a series of pins that randomise the feel of the game. As the ball is falling, the roulette numbers at the base of the game slowly rotate, with the final outcome shown where the ball lands.
The different style of animation is the only reason you would play this over other versions of Original Roulette as the random RTP is the same at 96.3%. However, Bagatelle Roulette is more enjoyable due to it been harder to predict the final outcome of the game, although you will have some idea from where the numbers start at the bottom of the screen. All in all Bagatelle Roulette is a good addition to the fixed odds betting terminals, and it’s rather surprising that Coral and Ladbrokes have not produced their own version.

Bagatelle Roulette has a long term RTP of 96.3% and can be played in William Hill and Betfredbookmakers, as well as some independent betting shops. There is currently no online version of this game available.


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