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Dragon Bet Roulette

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Dragon Bet Roulette A high odds bookies roulette game with low stakes Place an optional side bet to land the dragons for huge odds of 350/1 or 150/1 …

Dragon Bet Roulette

Dragon Bet Roulette

  • A high odds bookies roulette game with low stakes 
  • Place an optional side bet to land the dragons for huge odds of 350/1 or 150/1
  • Play this FOBT game in either William Hill or Betfred

Dragon Bet Roulette is a fixed odds betting terminal game, popular in William Hill and Betfred bookies. Dragon Bet Roulette pays standard bookies roulette odds, plus additional side bets which pay either 150/1, 350/1 or nothing, depending on the outcome of the bonus spin.
As with the majority of roulette games, Dragon Bet Roulette has 37 potential outcomes, numbered from 0 to 36. The outcome of the bet is decided by a random number generator (RNG), and is decided at the moment the ‘bet’ button is pressed. Once the number has been randomly selected, the animated roulette wheel will display the outcome. If the ball lands on a number with a Dragon Bet covering it, the dragon wheel will spin. A green dragon landing on the winning outcome will pay odds of 150/1, a golden dragon landing on a winning outcome will pay a massive 350/1.

You may place bets from a minimum of 20p on a straight-up number, up to a maximum of £50 or £100 across the entire roulette table, providing your potential winning outcome does not exceed the £500 win per spin limit. The minimum bet per spin is £1, this can include the Dragon Bet side bet.

Dragon Bet Roulette

The Dragon Bet Roulette side bet is only activated when a corresponding bet has been placed on the main roulette table. When you bet on the roulette table, the corresponding numbers will become illuminated on the side bet, allowing you to place a minimum of 10p on each lit number. To activate all of the lit numbers you may place £1 on red and £1 on black, this will then allow you to bet on any Dragon Bet number from 1 to 36, you will need to place an additional chip on zero to activate this number.

Standard bookies roulette odds apply to the entire roulette game, except for the Dragon Bet side game which pays the odds according to the coloured dragon which may land on the winning number. This means that a £1 bet on 11 will pay £35, plus your £1 winning stake back. If you have an additional £1 on the Dragon Bet number 11, and a golden dragon lands, you will win £350, plus your £1 winning bet back, plus the winnings from the main roulette wheel. As the side bet odds are so high, the potential for large winnings appear better than standard roulette games, even better than perhaps 100 to 1 Roulette, but of course the odds reflect this.
If the ball lands on a number with a Dragon Bet Roulette bet covering it, the Dragon wheel will spin. The Dragon wheel consists of four green dragons and two golden dragons, the dragon must the land on the original winning number for the side bet to win. As mentioned previously, the green dragon pays 150/1 and a golden dragon pay 350/1. The combined odds of winning any Dragon Bet are 228/1.

Dragon Bet Roulette has been developed by Inspired Gaming and has a long term RTP of between 95.64% and 97.3% depending on the bets placed. You can play Dragon Bet Roulette in William Hill, Betfred and the majority of independent bookmakers.

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