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Encore Boston Harbour – A Glamorous New Resort Ready For A Grand Opening

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Encore Boston Harbour – A Glamorous New Resort Ready For A Grand Opening

Encore Boston Harbour Casino, sometimes known as the Wynn Boston Harbour Casino, is a brand new resort located just north of Boston, USA in Everett. It was around 5 years ago that Wynn Resorts, a corporation many of you are probably familiar with particularly for their presence in Las Vegas, decided to turn the Monsanto chemical manufacturing facility into one of the most prestigious and exciting new casinos in the country. Since then, they’ve been working tirelessly to ensure that the finished result is nothing short of spectacular, and in just a couple of weeks now that they have received final approval, the world will find out as they open their doors.

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What Makes Encore Boston Harbour Resort So Special?

There are many factors really that make this casino and resort so exciting. For a start, it’s owned by Wynn Resorts so you know it’s going to be glamorous, exciting and very prestigious. They have some of the finest resorts in Las Vegas and Macau, China already so there’s a lot to look forward to. Then there’s the money being spent on it all and the facilities it will offer. There are a total of 3,158 slot machines, 143 table games and 88 poker tables to enjoy along with 671 incredible rooms for some very exclusive members and the general public, of course. In fact, one of the main reasons why Encore Boston Harbour Casino can expect to be a big hit is thanks to Wynn’s massive 10 million loyalists, many of whom will no doubt want to visit. Lastly, this is quite an unusual place to build such an elaborate casino and as the head of hotel sales and catering at Encore Boston Harbour put, “there really isn’t another city, when you think about it, in the country that has this type of 5-star casino resort in a major city outside of Las Vegas”. If the resort does do as well as expected, this could be the start of more high-end casinos moving to other cities in the USA.

What Can High-Rollers Expect From Encore Boston Harbour?

The high-rollers are naturally very important to every casino, but Wynn Resorts have plenty that they expect will visit. In order to bring them in and keep them staying, they’ve planned a whole range of exciting and exclusive activities. Some of these include two stretch Lincoln Continental limousines to pick up and drop off the high rollers from the Boston Loan International Airport, ensuring they get a warm welcome and friendly goodbye. They will also have access to the Fenway Skybox for Boston Red Sox games, seats at the Boston Symphony Orchestra and suits at the Boston Bruins and Celtics games. They will no doubt expand on this and continue to offer high-rollers additional benefits.

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Will Encore Boston Harbour Be A Success?

This is the big question that no-one can really answer at the moment. Building a new casino in locations like Las Vegas or Macau is less of a gamble as there are so many statistics to work with. But starting such a big venture in somewhere new like Boston is certainly a risk. It will no doubt attract a lot of attention at first and draw in many loyal customers, but the long-term result is uncertain. For now though, all eyes are on the grand opening.

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