Delays to Bookies £2 Stake Cut

Delay to Bookies £2 Stake Cut

It was big news when the government announced that the maximum bet for fixed odds betting terminals, commonly known as FOBT’s, would be capped at just £2. While that may still sound like a lot for some of you, considering it was a whopping £100 before, it’s certainly a big change. On hearing the news, many saw it as a big win, and why wouldn’t you? These machines take in a massive £1.8bn a year in revenue, eating money straight out of people's pockets. Of course, not everyone saw it as good news, certainly not the bookies who will be losing out pretty big because of the cut. But the question is, why haven’t the changes taken place yet?

anti fobt campaign

Well, it appears as though the Treasury has decided that it will take a whole 2 years for the bookies to implement the necessary software updates to decrease the maximum bet from £100 to £2. That sounds pretty crazy, right? Well, the people who work in the fixed odds betting terminal industry think so too, estimating it would only take a matter of weeks to make the necessary changes and impose the new cap. As you can imagine, there’s quite a bit of upset for all those who have long been campaigning against FOBT’s. A spokesperson for the anti-FOBT campaign group Fairer Gambling had this to say: “Unbelievably, the Treasury thinks it takes two years for the bookmakers to run a software update on their server-based FOBTs to remove games they should never have been allowed in the first place. Somehow the Treasury has given the bookies a longer transition period than it’ll take the government to negotiate Brexit. The delay will mean hundreds of thousands more people experiencing harm before the gambling addiction gateway of high speed, high stakes roulette is removed.” And with roughly £1.8bn being spent on FOBT’s every year, he certainly has a point.

So why such a long wait? The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) originally stated it would take roughly 9-12 months to implement the changes which was pretty reasonable. Despite the fact that the bookies can change the software for more quickly, the change does require parliamentary approval first to introduce a new statutory instrument so it was unlikely to happen this year anyway. But due to pressure from the betting industry, it seems the government has backed down even further and agreed to a longer delay period of 2 years, essentially allowing bookies to make a nice bit of extra money before the changes take place.

What’s your take on the government's stance? How do you feel about FOBTs, should they be eliminated altogether? Leave your comments down below.

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    at 12:42 am

    Can not wait to go in to the bookies next April and laugh at the £2 maximum bet i may even get a t shirt saying how great it is. And look forward to loads of shops shutting and wiped off the high street for good

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    at 9:43 pm

    I think its the government that should be eliminated permanently! Just yet another example of them putting greed before the good of the people. Please please people vote for change in the next election before it’s too late!!!

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    at 9:43 am

    Why are you still allowed to play roulette online and more is the question in the casinos (the sponsors of the anti fobt lobby)any limit post fobt max reduction.restriction of trade.For those thick people the decision was political,by putting the date back to April 2020,it will have very little financial effect on this government,but if Labour win the next election,well there you go.

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    at 12:29 am

    So 2 years what a joke
    In meantime we all have too keep losing lost my food shopping money today now broke

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      at 8:28 pm

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    at 12:27 am


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    Aaron Denny
    at 6:41 am

    Love your vids

    Have to say tho in my view gamble what you want if you lose £20 your problem same as if you lose £100,000 again your problem.

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    at 7:23 pm

    Do it quick or remove roulette that the big one that people lose thousands on until they can impact the 2 pound a spin ASAP it’s a joke 2 years my arse if it was allowed 200 pound a spin soon change the software then crock off shit

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    Anthony Wan
    at 10:35 pm

    Hi StopAndStep,

    First off, I love your videos.

    Secondly, and this is my own personal opinion, Two years seems very extreme, someone is onviously getting a back hander here (again this is my opinion).

    They obviously do not care about those who cannot afford to gamble but gamble anyway. Which gambling can break up families, homes being lost, Bankruptcy and even those taking their own lives becasue they get that much in to debt.


    This is a big oppourtunity to all the bookies to implement the changes now off their own backs rather than use the whole duration of the two years so they can show that they care about the well beings of their customers.

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