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How to Win at Roulette

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How to Win at Roulette Top tips for winning at roulette Strategies for live roulette and automated roulette How to win at roulette: Roulette has …

How to Win at Roulette

How to Win at Roulette

  • Top tips for winning at roulette
  • Strategies for live roulette and automated roulette

How to win at roulette: Roulette has been around for centuries, with the first form devised some-time during the 18th century. Since then, it has gained enormous popularity across the globe and has also become one of the most popular forms of online gambling. The real questions is, how can I make money from roulette? There are many scams out there which will claim to make you a guaranteed fortune by either selling you a fake strategy, or by getting you to play a system through one of their affiliates and thus make them money through false claims. In this article, I’m not going to guarantee to make you money, however I will share some powerful systems and techniques that can help you manage your money efficiently and improve your game.

Roulette Tip #1

Play the games which offer you the best odds. Many of you probably know that American roulette has the worst odds in roulette, with two zeros giving a house advantage of 5.4%. However, there is a way to improve your odds even further than just playing with one zero, and that’s by making sure the game you’re playing includes the La Partage rule. When placing even-money bets such as red or black, if zero comes up you get half of your money back, bringing the house edge down to just 1.35%. This rule is generally found on French roulette tables, but can be found on others so always check. Play at the internets largest live online casino

Roulette Tip #2

Use a trusted system. As I mentioned at the beginning, there are many people who offer roulette systemsas a way to make them money through some type of scam; generally my advice is avoid anything that says they will definitely make you money, because you won’t. However, there are plenty of good systems out there which can help you place strategic bets, with many of them requiring as little as only 1/3 of your bets to come up with a win in order to make you a profit. One of my favourite systems is the Labouchere roulette system, largely because it’s versatile and can suit those with both a small or large bankroll, and it engages your mind preventing the boring repetitiveness that many systems can induce. That being said, there are plenty of others that could suit you better. Oscar’s Grind is an interesting system that actually thrives on streaks, minimizing losses on losing streaks and capitalising on winning streaks. Or maybe you want to try Tiers et Tout, a simple system devised by Thomas Garcia, the legendary roulette player who supposedly used it to break the bank a whopping five times!

Roulette Tip #3

Think and practice first before betting big. If you really want to make some serious money through roulette, it’s essential that you think carefully about how you’re going to play the game before you rush into it. My advice is to plan a strategy, or use a popular roulette system, and then head over to an online casino and play virtual roulette so there is no rush to place your bets, and you can even do this on demo versions of the games before you start spending real money. Remember, the key to being a successful roulette player is patience. It’s essential to learn how the game works and feel confident, and trust in the method you are using. Be prepared if things start off badly and don’t let it get you down; the tides can turn at any moment in roulette, four straight losses can suddenly turn into six straight wins so be patient.

Roulette Tip #4

My final piece of advice is to make use of the offers casinos provide. Here at StopandStep you can find some great offers from trusted casinos such as Codeta, who run a very large live casino. I think this is something that many players forget to do, when you’re essentially getting free money to gamble with, increasing your returns. Make sure you don’t overlook these offers, but remember to plan and practice before taking advantage of them as you don’t want to waste them. It’s also worth noting that Codeta offer cashback bonuses which will help to minimise any potential losses you may have.

So there you have it, my top tips for becoming a successful roulette player. I think the main take-away here is to be patient and think carefully about what you’re doing and what you can manage with your bankroll. Don’t overspend, always leave yourself enough money so as not to impact your personal life. If you don’t have much, there are plenty of systems out there which are well-suited to low bankrolls, and equally if you have a lot and want to make a lot there are systems for you too. Do your research and you could be making a lot of money in no time!

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