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International Gaming Technology

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International Gaming Technology IGT; International Gaming Technology provide as much as 50% of all land based slot machines in the United States, making them …

International Gaming Technology

International Gaming Technology

IGT; International Gaming Technology provide as much as 50% of all land based slot machines in the United States, making them the largest slot machine developer in North America. Founded in 1975, IGT have since expanded into much of Europe, Australia, China and South America, as well as online.
American slot machine players will find the majority of IGT slots in gambling hubs such as Las Vegas and Lak Tahoe, whereas British players are more likely to come across their games on the fixed odds betting terminals in high street bookies, fighting for space in an already crowded gaming cabinet, or online in casinos such as BGO.

IGT continues to expand, consuming smaller companies and increasing their presence both online and in land based casinos. In 1998 IGT purchased the popular UK fruit machine manufacturer Barcrest. This established their dominance in the UK, and although Barcrest has since changed hands to SG Gaming, the presence of IGT still remains.

Play IGT Slot Machines Online

Some of the most popular IGT slot machines have made the transition from land based casinos in Northern America, to online slots available to much of the world. One of their most popular slot machines; Wheel of Fortune is available in various forms at many online casinos including Betfred. This classic shaped the future of feature based slot machines in America, and often had crowds of people watching as the feature took place on the over-sized rotating wheel housed above the base of the slot machine, large enough for all to see.
Double Diamond, the slot that changed the gaming landscape in America has undergone a transformation and can be played at the BGO Casino, with enhanced graphics, sounds and ultra-smooth gameplay. This simple game offered huge wins on a single winline, making for a simple yet high paying slot machine.

IGT also introduced the worlds first wide area progressive jackpot slot machine, the famous Mega Bucks. Initially Mega Bucks had a jackpot of $1m, and was available as a linked system to multiple casinos. The jackpot structure has since changed, and now progresses until it is won. This unlimited progression often results in jackpots in excess of $30m.
The same Mega Bucks concept is also online, with multi-million jackpots available to be won by a lucky gambler. If your country allows online gambling, you should be able to play a Mega Bucks slot machine online here: Betfred.

As well as these classics, IGT continues to produce innovative and immersive slot games to appeal to a new generation of player who often want feature rich games whilst still retaining the playability and payout rates of the old classics.
Advancements in computer technology and visual displays has resulted in some truly immersive gaming experiences, many of which make the transition from online to land-based casinos and vice versa, allowing you to select from a wide range of stake options and jackpot sizes.

The future of IGT looks good, not only for the player, but also the company itself. Although the online market is crowded, with companies such as Net Entertainment proving hugely popular in many parts of Europe, IGT still possess a lot of pulling power for players both old and young.

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