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Mobile Roulette

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Mobile Roulette Mobile roulette is the brilliantly designed mobile version of standard European roulette, created with easy to use controls and big, bright, …

Mobile Roulette

Mobile Roulette

Mobile roulette is the brilliantly designed mobile version of standard European roulette, created with easy to use controls and big, bright, colourful graphics so you can enjoy a great game of roulette on your mobile smart phone or tablet.
Mobile roulette generally has lower stakes than regular online casino versions of roulette, some of which let you enjoy a game from as low as 1p or 5p per chip. Of course the winnings are unlikely to be too high when you bet low amounts, but a good series of wins may result in a nice profit, which is especially nice if you are just sat watching TV or whiling away a bit of time.

Play Mobile Roulette at BGO Casino

The nature of mobile roulette suggests that connections may cut out. If this is the case, not to worry, the online casino will have a record of your previous game and any result that may have generated prior to you losing connection. When you are able to re-establish your connection and log in to your account, any funds will have been added or deducted according to the outcome.

Mobile Roulette

All of the casinos featured on StopandStep are compatible with mobile devices, however the BGO Casino version of mobile roulette is by far the best when it comes to playing on a small smart phone screen. You can bet in the usual way as you would traditional roulette, with odds paying what you would expect from a standard game; straight-up pays 36/1, splits 17/1 and outside bets of red and black, odd and even and high and low pay even money. There are also multiple other betting options, including streets, corners etc. so the game remains true to a standard version of casino roulette.

To place your bets, choose your chip values and simply touch the appropriate position on the mobile roulette table. Once you are happy with everything, press the spin button for the animated ball to rotate. Unlike Live Roulette, mobile roulette is ready when you are, so you can bet as quickly or slowly as you wish. Once the ball has come to a stop, all winning bets will be paid, it will then wait for you to continue to the next game. You may repeat the previous bet, double-up the previous bet or start afresh.
Mobile roulette is a very well designed game which may also go by the name of Roulette Touch. Most online casinos have a version, however one of the best is at BGO. Play online here.

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