Monopoly Roulette 1000

Monopoly Roulette 1000

  • Win up to 1000/1 on a single bet
  • Standard bookies roulette odds of 100/1
  • 106 betting positions including outside bets
  • Available on the fixed odds betting terminals

Monopoly Roulette 1000

Monopoly Roulette 1000 is the latest high odds bonus roulette fixed odds betting terminal game in Ladbrokes and Coral bookies. As the name suggests, Monopoly Roulette 1000 can pay odds of a massive 1000/1, currently the highest of any FOBT roulette game.
Monopoly Roulette 1000 uses the same betting layout as Key Bet 500, with 100 regular numbers to place bets on. These standard numbers pay 100/1, with chips values from 10p up to £5 per number. Further odds are awarded from the six ‘bonus’ positions which effectively act as zeros but are disguised as Monopoly playing tokens. These six additional positions are spaced out equally around the roulette wheel, either 16 or 17 numbers apart. The maximum bet on these is only 50p as the maximum payout cannot pay past £500. The playing tokens are; the ship, car, top hat, dog, shoe and thimble, these are located to the right of the betting table under ‘Monopoly Bets’.

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Monopoly Roulette 1000

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Monopoly Roulette 1000 FOBT Betting Odds

Betting on Monopoly Roulette 1000 is as straightforward as many other fixed odds betting terminal roulette games, simply place your chips on as many or as few numbers as you wish. The minimum chip value is 10p, with the minimum cost per spin at £1. The 10p minimum bet applies to all numbers and playing tokens, however the maximum stake on an individual number is £5 and only 50p on the Monopoly Roulette 1000 Monopoly Bets. You can bet on splits, corners and streets with the odds split accordingly.

  • Single Number: 100/1
  • Split Number: 49/1
  • Corner: 24/1
  • Row: 9/1
  • Split Row: 4/1
  • Outside Bet: 1/1

All of the regular numbers pay 100/1, however landing on a playing token will pay varying odds from 50/1 up to 1000/1. These odds are determined by the Monopoly card value assigned to the playing token. These values are prominently displayed during the roulette spin in the centre of the main wheel. When the ball stops, it will either pay the bet according to the stake placed on the number, or the value placed on the corresponding playing token.
There are 23 Monopoly Roulette 1000 multiplier values, one for each property on a standard Monopoly board, plus an additional Chance card. The multiplier values start at 50/1 for Old Kent Road and increase in small increments reaching 180/1, 200/1, 250/1, 500/1 and 1000/1 for Mayfair. The Chance card pays either 100/1 or you may spin for a different card. The re-spin will remove both the Chance card and the 100/1 card, so you’ll either win than the original 100/1. Personally, I would always spin for a bonus card as hitting the Chance is incredibly rare in itself.

To make the betting on Monopoly Roulette 1000 slightly easier, there are additional betting options that will place your chips for you. These options are very similar to 100 to 1 Roulette in William Hill and include;

  • Lucky Number – Choose a number and chips are placed on and around it, totalling £1 each time it is pressed.
  • Crossfire – Similar to the Lucky Number option, this one however will place 10p chips on the corresponding column and row, with 20p placed on the number costing £2.
  • Monopoly Bet – All six Monopoly Bet tokens are covered with 50p bets, costing £3.
  • Corner to Corner – All numbers are covered corner to corner with 20p chips, costing £4.
  • Scatter – Select a number and chips are scattered on and around your chosen number, costing £5.
  • Lucky Dip – This option covers a random amount of numbers for a cost of £10. If your available credit is less than £10, the remaining value will be used (you can always cancel the bet if you are not happy with it).

Monopoly Roulette 1000 is a good addition to the roulette games on the FOBT’s. It looks as though the designers are looking for more ways to offer the chance of high odds without increasing the legally set maximum stake. The downside of this is that the 50p maximum on the Monopoly Bets is often lower than a regular number.

8 Total Score
Win up to 1000 Times your Stake!

The odds on Monopoly Roulette 1000 are massive for a bookies FOBT roulette game, with the potential to win 1000/1!

  • High odds bookies roulette.
  • Can pay well with small stakes.
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    at 11:39 am

    It’s a shame the maximum bet on the bonus game is 50p. Because of this I prefer Key Bet 500, but if there’s an online version, it’s probably very good.

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