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Multi Wild Slot

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Multi Wild Slot The Multi Wild slot is playable online, but the bookies and arcade versions are slightly different and make for a more challenging slot when …

Multi Wild Slot

Multi Wild Slot

The Multi Wild slot is playable online, but the bookies and arcade versions are slightly different and make for a more challenging slot when pushed for the £500 jackpot. This is because the percentages (RTP’s) are higher than most other FOBT slots, there is also a gamble with up to x10 available, along with more volatility which creates big wins ideal for attempting to gamble for the £500 jackpot.

Multi Wild was my choice of slot to play for a Jackpot or Nothing YouTube video.

The Multi Wild slot can be played in William Hill and Betfred on the fixed odds betting terminals, it’s also on many Blueprint gaming terminals in arcades and some bingo halls. My playing location was a bingo hall as it’s often quieter to play and record at the same time. The strategy was simple enough; gamble everything for the jackpot, mostly on the x10.

The Multi Wild slot doubles most of the wins the higher the stake you go, but the percentage stays the same, a generous 95%. I selected £2 stake with all wins above £5 available to gamble and inserted £100, pressed auto-play and sat back waiting for the wins to roll in.

Going for the Jackpot

Multi Wild uses only four reels but has 81 different winning combinations, similar in a way to Raging Rhino. Basically any three or more symbols from left to right pays, as the symbols can be in any position. To help increase the win values there are four wild symbols, one on each reel. One wild will multiply any win by x2, two will multiple by x4 and three will multiply by x8, (four would be jackpot).
The problem with volatile slots is it can be costly to hit a decent sized win, or any win for that matter. After the first £100 had been played through, I had two opportunities to gamble, and both were very low wins.
Three 7’s isn’t too uncommon, and that pays £24. This is ideal to hit for a x10 as it’s pretty much 50% of a jackpot. Although I had a few of these roll in during my second £200, none were successful on the gamble.

After only 12 minutes I was already £400 into the Multi Wild slot, although of course if I wasn’t gambling everything my money would be lasting longer. I hadn’t hit any £50 wins yet, which was a little unusual as I’ve found it’s often not too bad at dropping the high values in. The slot then rolled in 5 plums and one wild. Although 4 plums are only £8, the wild doubled several of them, plus the 2 plums on the second reel created a few more winning combinations, making the spin total £48 – perfect for a x10!
Luckily the x10 hit, taking the win to £480, with £460 banked and the £40 gambled on the x2. This smaller gamble also came in, giving me my long awaited £500 jackpot and taking my slot machine balance to £540, a £140 profit! I played a few more spins then collected the money.

Although playing Jackpot or Nothing is risky, occasionally it can pay off very well, but many times you may find yourself putting in close to or more than the £500, so are the risks worth it? It’s rare that I play that style of game now, but once in a while I enjoy it.

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