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Play Roulette Online

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Play Roulette Online Play Roulette Online to experience the excitement of the most popular casino gambling game in history. You can play roulette online on …

Play Roulette Online

Play Roulette Online

Play Roulette Online to experience the excitement of the most popular casino gambling game in history. You can play roulette online on many different types of roulette games, even bookies roulette has made it across to online casinos, allowing for larger bets and bigger wins.
European roulette uses 37 numbers, from 0 to 36 and has the highest return of any roulette game, excluding Bonus King Roulette which can only be played in Betfred bookies. European Roulette is the classic, original version of the game using just a single zero and is the most common way to play roulette online. Most other versions of roulette have slightly worse odds due to either an additional zero (American Roulette), or an additional slot for a bonus game, like Key Bet Roulette.

Bonus roulette games are increasingly popular as the technology improves for a smooth, multi-feature game that can be enjoyed on mobiles and tablets; the largest growth area of playing roulette online. There are around fifty popular types of roulette, most using various types of bonuses to enhance the game and give varying odds. There are also multiple types of European roulette, most of which use different animations whilst still giving the same basic game.

Play Roulette Online for Free

Whilst many of you would like to play roulette online for real money, there are also a large group who prefer to play for free, either to get used to the game before taking the leap with real cash, or to simply pass the time or try out systems. You can play roulette online for free HERE. This free version is standard European roulette and plays exactly the same with free money as it would with real cash, so you know you are getting a fair and honest game.
The other way to play roulette online for free is to sign-up to a casino and take advantage of their generous new player bonuses. Betfred for example offers a £200 welcome bonus which you could use to play roulette, although this is a deposit bonus, so you will need to pay in some money to get started. The majority of online casinos featured on this site offer varying levels of new player bonus money, so you could try multiple versions of roulette in several casinos with minimal risk. Have a look at the bonus table in the top left (or bottom if on mobile) to see the range of bonuses on offer and to quickly get started.

Not all versions of bonus roulette can be played online for free, the bookies classic Lucky 8 Roulette for example uses a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot can only be won with real money, and is often awarded around the £500 to £800 region. Another bookies favourite; Key Bet Roulette can be played exclusively at Coral Casino and is an online version of the Ladbrokes and Coral game. Although the minimum and maximum stakes have changed considerably, the RTP is also slightly better, the way the pot and multipliers work is essentially the same.

So there you have it; if you would like to play roulette online either for free or for real money, try at one or more of the featured casinos on StopandStep.com. All of the casinos advertised here are regulated and monitored for fairness by the appropriate bodies so you know you are getting an honest game, you will also likely recognise many of the brands featured.

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