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Roulette Super Gambler

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Roulette Super Gambler Still a hugely popular bookies roulette game Attempt to enhance your winnings with the bonus gamble Adjust the odds to …

Roulette Super Gambler

Roulette Super Gambler

  • Still a hugely popular bookies roulette game
  • Attempt to enhance your winnings with the bonus gamble
  • Adjust the odds to reach up to the £500 jackpot limit

Roulette Super Gambler is a popular roulette machine game using standard bookies roulette odds plus an optional bonus gamble to increase or decrease your winnings. Roulette Super Gambler can be played in both Coral and Ladbrokes betting shops, however there is no online version of this game.
There are two betting types on Roulette Super Gambler; the standard roulette betting and the Newar roulette betting. Newar roulette bets are red/even, 0 and black/odd, 0 with the odds decreasing to 94.7% from the standard betting odds of 97.3%. The standard roulette bets include all of the usual options from red/black and odd/even for 1/1 odds, to straight up and split numbers paying 35/1 and 17/1 respectively.

How to Play Roulette Super Gambler

You can enjoy Roulette Super Gambler without using the bonus gamble option, so you’ll just have a standard game of bookies roulette. You may wish to play like this as opposed to Original Roulette as the animation is better, and more defined, so it’s just opening up the choices for you.
If you do wish to take advantage of the bonus gamble; any winning spin will take you to the gamble bonus round. The gamble is identical to that used by Key Bet Roulette and pays slightly below 100% at 98%.
You may change the odds to increase or decrease your chance of winning, the prize will change accordingly. There are 61 positions available on the gamble wheel, with a final resting spot chosen at random, then displayed by a rotating animation. Any red position increases your winnings to that displayed, a black position will lose your bet and end the gamble feature. If you have banked some money prior to the gamble, this will be paid and you’ll return to the standard Roulette Super Gambler table. If nothing has been banked, you will lose your stake and winnings from that game, returning you back to the roulette table.
Any value win may be gambled, with a minimum bet of just under two thirds in your favour to increase your win by one third. You may increase the odds all the way to a single red position providing this doesn’t take the value of the prize beyond the £500 jackpot limit. This will give you odds of 61/1 of hitting it. You may add more and more red positions on to this, the odds and prize value will change accordingly.

Roulette Super Gambler has been created by SG Gaming and can be played with a minimum bet of £1 in Coral and Ladbrokes betting shops.


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