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Buffalo Rising All Action Slot

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Our rating:
  • The first slot of its kind with only the bonus to play
  • Unlimited win multiplier through cascading symbols
  • An interesting solution to feature buy ban

Buffalo Rising All Action slot from Blueprint is a very unusual slot, not because it has some unique features, but precisely because it doesn’t. Instead, this is a new game from Blueprint that’s a direct attempt at bypassing the restrictions imposed in some regions, such as the United Kingdom, on bonus buys. The UKGC recently implemented changes that meant bonuses could no longer be purchased. Instead, players had to play the slot as usual and try and win the bonus that way. This was to try and restrict huge amounts being spent in such a short period, but the effectiveness of such a strategy is questionable. You could argue that more could be spent during the time it takes to play a bonus playing the slot regularly at high stakes, and of course there are lots of other ways to spend vast amounts of money in short periods like roulette, but no plans are being made to prevent that. Regardless, the changes are now in place, so Blueprint have decided to ‘cheat’ the system and develop a slot that plays only the bonus. To do so, they’ve chosen one of their more successful Megaways titles, Buffalo Rising, and have simply removed the base game. That means that when you start this All Action slot up, you simply choose your bet and start playing the bonus.

buffalo rising all action slot gameplay

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Buffalo Rising All Action Slot Bonuses and Features

Free Spins Bonus. The original slot was always focused on the free spins bonus anyway with little to look forward to during the base game. At the start of each bonus, you’ll have to choose how many free spins you want as well as the multiplier. You can have 15 free spins starting at a 1x multiplier, 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier, or 5 free spins at a 10x multiplier. For those feeling braver, you can also choose the mystery option which gives you 5, 10 or 15 free spins with a 1x, 5x or 10x multiplier. This slot features cascading symbols, meaning that each time you get a win, those winning symbols are removed and new ones fall in from above. Each time this happens, your multiplier will increase by 1x and there is no limit to this. Naturally, getting some early wins is crucial to getting a high multiplier.

buffalo rising all action slot rules


Buffalo Rising All Action slot from Blueprint is nothing new, but at the same time, it’s the only slot of its kind. It’s a slot that allows players to play out only the free spins bonus while technically not being a bonus buy feature, as this is of course banned is some regions. They’ve changed nothing about the actual bonus so if you liked the original game then you’ll like this one just as much too. I think it’s a clever way around a flawed system and it will be interesting to see if more slots like this are produced either by Blueprint or other developers. After all, it shouldn’t be that difficult to do as nothing new is being created here. If you want to see what other slots Blueprint have to offer, click here.

buffalo rising all action slot signup

A Feature-Buy Only Slot





  • Gets around the feature buy ban.
  • Main bonus is same as original.


  • Could potentially get banned.

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