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Cash Noire Slot

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Our rating:
  • A fantastic new slot from NetEnt with a thrilling theme
  • Collect clue to earn multipliers and win the free spins bonus
  • Solve the case and win big rewards

Cash Noire slot from NetEnt is a new, crime slot set back in the 70’s (or thereabouts). This game will have you collecting clues to unlock multipliers and the main free spins bonus where you try to solve the case, winning some decent money in the process.

To get things going, you have 5 reels with 4 rows offering 1024 ways to win. Simply get a winning combination from left to right using the base symbol. These are as follows, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • Magnifying Glass or Matches (lowest value)
  • Ace or Glass
  • Knife or Gun
  • Blue Woman
  • Blue Man
  • Red Man
  • Red Woman (highest value)

cash noire slot gameplay


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Cash Noire Slot Bonuses and Features

Crime Zone. The crime zone is indicated by a red border on the surrounding positions. Whenever you have a winning symbol inside the crime zone, an item from the clue list is activated. Clues are added to the meter which is used to increase the size of the crime zone, with 3-6 clues expanding the crime zone to 4 spots, and 7 or more increasing it to 5.

Avalanche Feature. Every time a win occurs, this feature will trigger whereby the winning symbols are removed so new ones fall in the empty spaces, all during the same spin, and doesn’t stop until there are no more wins.

Mystery Symbol. The mystery symbol, shown as a safe, can turn into another random symbol when there are no wins on a spin or an avalanche. If it lands inside the crime zone, it clones itself throughout all spots of the pattern to reveal a random symbol.

Free Spins Bonus. The clue list is also used to trigger the free spins bonus. After you get 13 clues, 6 free spins are awarded. For the bonus, 5 positions are covered in the crime zone and a multiplier is active too. This multiplier starts at 1x and increases in 1x increments every 7 locations. This is determined by the map which shows where your multiplier increases and where to get more free spins. You move your way through by getting wins that involve the crim zone. Reaching the last marker on the map closes the case, giving you a 10x multiplier and 3 extra free spins.

cash noire slot rules


Cash Noire slot from NetEnt is a fairly low-variance slot from the popular developer but it still has a lot of appeal for a wide range of players. It’s a pretty unique slot, using a crime zone to collect clues and ultimately triggering the free spins bonus. This is where things get really interesting as you collect multipliers and more free spins while you solve the case. It’s a very fun bonus, and can be quite rewarding if you manage to get the 10x multiplier at the end. I think people will really enjoy this game and I highly recommend it. You can also see some of their other slots here.

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A Very Fun And Rewarding Slot





  • Very creative and original.
  • Lots of fun.
  • Earn some decent multipliers.

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