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Cash Truck 2 Slot


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Our rating:
  • The latest slot in the series from Quickspin
  • Massive win potential makes things appealing
  • Good main bonus with lots of special symbols

Quickspin have released a follow up to their original Cash Truck slot and once again it looks great and has some exciting features, plus an improved win potential up to 35,000x your stake. Riding along a bridge into the city, you’ll see there are 6 reels and 7 rows to play on, some with locked positions. You need to get a win along the 4,096 ways to win using the following base symbols which are ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • Clubs, Spades, Diamonds or Hearts
  • Silver Gun
  • Pink Gun
  • Med Pack
  • Blue Woman
  • Green Man
  • Pink Woman
  • Yellow Man



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Cash Truck 2 Slot Bonuses and Features

Tumbles. In this game you start with a play area of 6 reels that are 7 rows high, each with 2-4 symbols that are locked. A tumble from a winning combination will expand the play area by 4 positions from the locked areas, revealing symbols underneath. This continues until there are no more winning combinations and hence no more tumbles.

Wild Symbols. These substitute for all others in a winning combination apart from the bonus symbol and super bonus symbol.

Truck Raider Bonus Game. If you land 3 unlocked tons symbols on the screen you’ll trigger this bonus and if you unlock it with more than 3, you start the bonus with another expander for each one you landed. Symbols that land here show their value as a multiple of the stake. You have 3 lives, with each spin using up t life, but landing a symbol anywhere resets your lives back to 3. In addition to cash symbols, you can also land some of the following special symbols:

  • Expander. This unlocked 3 random areas.
  • Booster. This adds its value to all others on the screen.
  • Super Booster. This also adds its value to others, but does so on every subsequent spin too.
  • Grabber. This adds the value of other symbols to its own.
  • Super Grabber. This does the same as the above, but on every spin in the bonus.
  • Doubler. This doubles its value each time the counter is reset to 3.
  • Cloner. This chooses the highest value on the screen, grabs it and clones it to some others.
  • Compressor. This adds all cash values to itself and removes them to create more room.

Super Bonus. If you land a super bonus symbol as well, this is triggered whereby the super bonus symbol turns itself into a doubler, super booster or super grabber for the bonus.

Bonus Buy. You can buy the bonus with at least 3 bonus symbols for 85x your stake, or the super bonus for 250x.



Cash Truck 2 slot from Quickspin is a great follow up to the original with some solid features and a huge win potential at 35,000x your stake. The bonus offers lots of special symbols to increase payouts and the super bonus makes things more interesting for sure. If you enjoy these types of bonuses then this slot is one of the better ones out there and worth a look.


Huge Wins And A Great Bonus





  • Huge win potential.
  • Lots of special symbols.
  • Engaging theme.

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