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Caveman Bob Slot

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Our rating:
  • An original slot with some very interesting features
  • Allows you to change the variance based on what you send Bob
  • A very fun game with good payouts and a wide range of features

Caveman Bob slot from Relax Gaming is an exciting new game that’s very different from many others. The simple reason for that is because you can change the variance of the game. Want regular features without having to spend loads? Choose a low variance environment. Want some big wins? Choose a high variance environment. It’s an exciting way to play and a welcome change from many other slots out there. To start playing, all you need to do it get a winning combination from left to right using the base symbols. These are as follows, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • Diamonds (lowest value)
  • Clubs
  • Hearts
  • Spades
  • Dodo
  • Wolf
  • Rhino
  • Mammoth
  • Caveman Bob (highest value)

As is customary, Caveman Bob slot also has a Wild symbol which will substitute for all of the above symbols in a winning combination.

caveman bob slot gameplay

Caveman Bob Slot Bonuses and Features

Environments. This is quite a special slot because of the locations. Essentially, Bob, the caveman, likes to travel between 3 areas which each have a unique random Wild feature along with 3 other features. The higher up you are, the better the rewards you get. So how do you change location I hear you ask. Well, Bob needs a map of course, which you can get from either the hog in the cave, a fish in the oasis or the pterodactyl egg in the mountain. Once you find a map, a location will be picked randomly and after the current game ends, a new one will begin.


  • Cave. The cave is Bob’s main home and naturally the place he always starts out from. However, it’s not perfect because there’s a lively hog that lives here too. When you catch him though, one of the shared features will be triggered. The random Wild feature is triggered randomly though, and between 1 and 5 stalactites will land on the reel, converting it into a locked Wild.
  • Oasis. This is a low environment where Bob learns how to fish, with every catch triggering 1 of the 3 shared features. The random Wild feature is triggered randomly when fire embers fly onto the reels, acting as spreading Wilds which can spread in a cluster of up to 13 Wilds.
  • Mountain Peak. This area is the highest, meaning rewards here can be the greatest although features are harder to come by. Bob must look out for the pterodactyl here while he looks for its eggs, triggering one of the 3 shared features. The wild blizzard can trigger the random Wild feature which can place between 3 and 15 random Wild symbols.

After you’ve been to all of the locations, you’ll have a choice to pick the one you like the most and stay there. To change, you need to find the map and choose where to go next. So what random features can you trigger? These are as follows:

  • Hand of Bob. Once triggered, the lowest value symbol on the screen be turn into a higher one. This will continue until a win bigger than the original has been created, but it can carry on after that too.
  • Mammoth Respin. Most of the mammoth symbols will become colossal symbols that comes in 3 sizes up to 4×4. The oasis has 2×2 symbols, the cave 2×2 and 4×4 and the mountain has all 3 options.
  • Bob’s Wheel. When triggered, Bob will get a spin where you can win up to 30x your stake.

caveman bob slot rules


Caveman Bob slot from Relax Gaming is a very interesting new game because it offers you the chance to choose the level of variance. You can go to the oasis where wins are more frequent but tend to be lower in value, the mountain peak where wins can be very high, or the cave, Bob’s home, where wins are decent and features occur fairly often. This is something you seldom see and I really like. The slot as a whole is fun, unique and potentially quite profitable. It’s definitely worth looking into and I hope to see more slots like it in the future. You can check out more of Relax Gaming’s slots here.

caveman bob slot signup

A Unique Game With Changing Variances





  • Fun design.
  • Can change the variance.
  • Lots of features.

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