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King Kong Cash slot

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King Kong Cash Slot

  • Win one of nine bonus games, both via scatters and during random reel spins
  • Created by Blueprint Gaming, using a popular and entertaining theme
  • Optional gamble on the scatter bonuses to progressive to more valuable bonus games, or even the Big Money Bonus!

The King Kong Cash slot is a low volatility slot machine from Blueprint Gaming. Originally starting life in online casinos, the King Kong Cash slot has made its way over to the bookies fixed odds betting terminals, with different stake options and a slightly lower RTP. The FOBT version also features Fortune Spins betting options, so you can play the King Kong Cash slot in the bookies for up to £50 per game!
Using ten win-lines and five reels, the King Kong Cash slot is very similar to other Blueprint Gaming games, such as the ever popular Worms and Worms Reloaded slots. The graphics are bright and bold and stand out against the jungle themed background. As you probably can gather from the name, the King Kong Cash slot is based on the original King Kong movie, with elements of Nintendo’s Donkey Kong thrown in during some of the bonuses. He is also occasionally referenced to as a monkey, rather than a gorilla!

King Kong Cash Bonus Games

The King Kong Cash slot has a variety of bonus games, nine in total. Five of the slot bonuses come from the bonus symbols during the reel spins, the remaining four are random during any game, much like the Genie Jackpots slot, but rather this time a sleeping gorilla is awoken rather than a Genie.

When the gorilla wakes up, a thought bubble expands above his head, this will display either a mystery box or a bomb. The bomb is nothing, just an annoying anticipation that will send you straight back to the regular reel spins. The mystery box will award a bonus game, but unlike the regular reel based scatter games, these bonuses can award no cash value, which is rare, but obviously very disappointing when it happens.

The random slot bonuses are:

  • Bonus Boost: This will add more bonus symbols to all five reels. It will usually add around 30 extra symbols, increasing your chances of hitting a bonus, but not guaranteeing it.
  • King Kong Streak: This random bonus is awarded only if a reel win spins in. King Kong Streak will lock the win in place then re-spin the reels. Each additional matching symbol will be locked in place until no more symbols match. This often pays very well, and can add a full screen, or close to it.
  • Banana Cannon Wilds: This bonus has the potential to pay huge, especially online as the bookies have a £500 jackpot limit which prevents massive wins. King Kong will fire a cannon filled with bananas at the reels, each banana is a wild symbol and can be anything from three wilds up to nine. The reels then spin off with the wilds locked in place, paying any win accordingly. It is possible to not win anything, it is also possible to win huge as after the bonus has paid, the King Kong slot can do another re-spin with the same wilds locked in place. If you started with nine wilds, the first spin will be huge, combined with a bonus re-spin and you are looking at a massive win! It is rare of course, but it does happen.
  • Golden Barrel Super Spin: This is pretty good, and maybe it’s just me but it seems to be the most common. Kong will throw lots of golden barrels at the reels; usually around 80. These will then land in view and all morph into the same symbol to pay a cluster of wins. It is possible to fill the entire screen with them, but usually you’ll get some gaps. The symbols can be anything from the lowest 10’s, to the highest King Kong Cash symbols.

The King Kong Cash slot also has five regular bonus games which can be won via landing from three up to five bonus scatter symbols on the reels. Unlike most Blueprint Gaming slot machines, the King Kong Cash slot uses all five reels to display bonus symbols, most of their others use just three; reels one, three and five. You would think this would increase your chances of hitting a bonus, but it appears to be the same.

All of the bonus games can be gambled on a 50/50 basis for the next one up, and are (from the lowest rated value to the highest):

  • Barrel Blast: This one is terrible, and I personally would always gamble for at least the King Kong Trail. A screen of barrels is displayed, you must then keep selecting them until you hit three matching symbols, at which point the value is paid and the bonus ends. There is a star symbol that will increase the value of the matched wins, but not by much.
  • King Kong Trail: This is fun and looks good. Kong borrows heavily from Donkey Kong as he climbs a series of ladders and platforms, each adding money as he goes. At the very top is the Big Money Bonus.
    If you are playing in the bookies on the FOBT’s, the values are displayed as cash amounts, if you are online they are displayed as multipliers.
  • Empire Free Spins: This bonus awards a fixed amount of ten free spins with no re-trigger available. Each spin can bring in a wild symbol which will remain on the reels during the remainder of the bonus. The wilds ‘roam’ across the reels, with each spin able to bring in none or multiple wilds. As you can gather, this bonus is hit or miss. It’s possible to not land a single wild, it is also possible to bring in one or more on each spin, resulting in a huge win. If two wilds land on top of each other, they expand to fill the reel. I always collect this one as the potential is always there.
  • Golden Kong Free Spins: Again, ten free spins are awarded but this time the reel size increases, as does the number of winlines. As the reels spins, any wilds that land are collected at the top of the screen (in addition to paying any wins). After the ten free spins, a bonus spin is awarded with all of the collected wilds falling onto the reels. You should hopefully end up with at least one wild line, and potentially a fair few more.
  • Big Money Bonus: At the top of the King Kong Cash slot is the Big Money Bonus. First impressions bare similarities to Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold, where instead of a Leprechaun surrounds by bronze, silver and gold pots, Kong is surrounded by bronze, silver and gold barrels. The barrels are overlaid with multipliers, one of which will come to a halt and will pay accordingly. You will then be given a choice to select one of ten bananas. Hidden behind each banana is either a golden Kong, or a bomb. If you select the golden Kong, you get another spin for an additional multiplier, and again repeating the same process. If or when you eventually hit a bomb, the bonus ends with all money paid to the bank.

If you gamble a bonus and lose, a cash value is awarded. This can actually be quiet generous, but will always be lower than the potential feature value. Most of the bonuses also have the potential to award the Big Money Bonus game.

King Kong Cash is a great fun slot, and aside from the regular play there is a Fortune Spins game that is available only in the bookies on their £500 jackpot fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT’s).

The Fortune Spins version of the King Kong Cash slot allows for stakes from £10, up to £50 in increments of £10 at a time.
All of the stakes play the same and have the same RTP (93%), you just get an additional multiplier at the end of each round. £10 is x1, £20 is x2, right up to £50 which is x5. There are no reel spins at the start of the Fortune Spins game, you will either win a direct feature or a certain number of Fortune Spins from one up to ten.

Playing the King Kong Cash slot on Fortune Spins can be very costly, especially at the higher end of the stakes. The £500 jackpot limit makes it difficult to win anything significant so I would recommend playing at no more than £20, and ideally £10 which seems to offer a fair game.

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