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Mahjong 88 Slot

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Our rating:
  • A feature-rich game from Play N Go with a Chinese theme
  • Reasonably high variance and offers some decent payouts
  • Not one of their best but it’s not bad either

Mahjong 88 slot is a new game from Play N Go that does things a little differently, offering cluster pays and no Free Spins Bonus. All of this ins wrapped in a traditional Chinese theme. There are quite a few features available in Mahjong 88 slot, but I’ll come onto those in more detail shortly. The main thing to note here is that payouts are made when symbols form an adjacent cluster, and the more symbols you have in a cluster the bigger the payout. It’s not the only slot to work like this of course, but if you haven’t played one before it’s worth baring in mind. The base symbols to look out for are as follows, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • Symbols 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (lowest value)
  • Pink Flower
  • Yellow Flower
  • Red Flower
  • Purple Flower (highest value)

mahjong 88 slot gameplay

Mahjong 88 Slot Bonuses and Features

Concealed Tiles. These tiles, shown as blue blank symbols will rotate to be revealed as adjacent symbols.

Fortune Frog. You’ve probably noticed a strange from next to the reels and he has a purpose. He begins to charge up as you win, and is activated after winning on 33 symbols, then choosing a feature at random to play out. He can also supercharge and activate a multiplier of 5x after winning on 88 symbols. The features the Fortune Frog can play out are as follows:

  • Croak. This will choose one symbol to pay out as a Scatter symbol.
  • Spawn. This will transform 1 symbol into another symbol, potentially giving you quite a few wins.
  • Tongue. 2 edge symbols are randomly chosen on the screen, and all of the symbols between them will be transformed into another symbol.
  • Hop. This will choose a random symbol, destroying it and all adjacent symbols for new ones to replace them.

Season Bonus. This is the most interesting aspect of Mahjong 88 slot in my opinion. You see on the side of the reels about what season it is. You must navigate your way through the season which change randomly from Spins to Summer, Autumn and Winter. The Season Bonus is awarded when the season changes, and it grows by 10% of symbol win amounts. Season Wilds are also triggered random on non-winning spins depending on what season it is:

  • Spring Wilds. This can place up to 12 Wild symbols on the screen in any random position.
  • Summer Wilds. This can place 5 Wild symbols, with all adjacent symbols being destroyed.
  • Autumn Wilds. This can place up to 11 Wild symbols, with symbols turning Wild or being destroyed from the edges.
  • Winter Wilds. “Up to 4 Wilds can appear here, which will not be removed when part of a win.

Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols in a winning combination, as you’d expect. After the feature pays out, the game resumes as normal.

mahjong 88 slot rules


Mahjong 88 slot from Play N Go is a bit unusual and has some interesting feature. I think most interestingly it has no Free Spins Bonus, and this actually seems to be a growing trend at the moment. Instead, there are lots of different features that involves Wild symbols and multipliers to give you lots of ways to get some wins. It’s a reasonably high variance game, and offers the potential for payouts up to 5,000x your stake. Personally, I found the game to get a little boring after a fairly short time, but I think some players will enjoy it and it’s worth checking out if you haven’t already. You can find some more of Play N Go’s slots here too.

mahjong 88 slot signup

A Unique Slot With Decent Payouts





  • Unique gameplay.
  • Lots of features.


  • Bit boring after a while.

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