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Moirai Blaze Slot

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Moirai Blaze Slot

  • Iron Dog Studio is a new software developer looking to make a big impact
  • Some interesting features that use unique symbols to offer different rewards
  • Mediocre design and graphics but overall a solid slot

Moirai Blaze slot comes from a new software developer when compared to many of the bigger names we review here at Stopandstep. Iron Dog might not be a company you’re familiar with, but they’re certainly trying to make an impact here by offering a quirky design and some unique gameplay. The question is, is it worth your time?

So when it comes to the design, Morai Blaze slot is set on another planet with some bright colours and a strange looking alien to the side of the reels. The graphics aren’t the best, but the game certainly doesn’t look bad and most will be happy enough with the appearance of the slot. The gameplay is obviously an impact factor here, and that’s where things start to get interesting. For a start, you’ll see a 7×7 grid for the symbols, definitely more unusual when compared to the standard 5×3 array. The symbols here seem to be a type of jewel, each of a different colour and interesting all of the same value. Payouts start from a minimum of 5 that are connected adjacently to each other, with the biggest payouts coming from 21 or more connected.

There’s also a Wild symbol here that counts for all other symbols apart from any feature symbols and is shown in the form of a star in a sphere.

Moirai Blaze Slot Bonuses and Features

Replacer. This symbol is interesting in that it can serve one of two functions. It could all symbols in a diagonal shape with a randomly selected type of symbol, or it could replace all symbols of one type with another type. During the free spins, it will always be replaced with Wild symbols instead of random symbols to give you a better chance of a win.

Exploder. This is another symbol that can function is two different ways. For one, it could destroy all symbols in a diagonal shape or it could destroy all symbol of a particular, random type. In either case, it will always leave behind a Wild symbol in its place to give you better odds.

Ganesha Powerful. This symbol has a more interesting name and can only appear during the Free Spins Bonus. If it does appear, it will give you a free re-spin and will increase your multiplier for bigger payouts.

Free Spins Bonus. What’s special about this bonus compared to others is in the way it’s triggered. You don’t need 3 or more Scatter symbols here like we see in so many others, instead the only way to trigger the bonus is to destroy and replace at least 100 symbols in a single spin. If you do so, you’ll be rewarded with 15 free spins. All feature symbols that you collect here will be kept on the left-hand panel, and then on the last free spin they will be placed back.


Moirai Blaze slot definitely offers something different in terms of gameplay and I think when you have a smaller software developer like Iron Dog it’s important to make sure your game stands out. However, it obviously needs to do so for the right reasons and encourage people to play, and I think in some ways it does. I really like the ways different symbols have different features, some of them can be quite rewarding although don’t expect anything huge. The Free Spins Bonus is decent as well, but apart from the way it’s triggered, it’s not so different from many others. All in all then, Moirai Blaze slot is a good choice for those looking for some different gameplay, but if you’re someone who’s just looking for the best and most rewarding features, it might not be the game for you.

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