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Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix

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Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix

  • Play the popular FOBT slot online, with all of the best bonus games still on offer
  • Multiple stakes and Big Bet options allow for bigger jackpots to be won
  • Select one bonus for better odds on it spinning in, or up to three for a more classic feeling Rainbow Riches game

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix offers the slot machine players a choice of features from many of their favourite Rainbow Riches slot machines. At the start of Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix a selection of five features are displayed, giving the player the option to select any one, two or three features. Stakes start as low as 20p per spin, up to £2 with varying percentages depending upon the chosen stake. There are also Mega Spins available for those who prefer higher stake games of up to £50 per game, as seen here in a popular YouTube video.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix is a five reel game using either ten or twenty winlines depending on the chosen stake. Line wins pay left to right according to the win schedule displayed during the game. The value of the prizes varies depending upon the stake at which you are playing and are paid in addition to any feature that may have been awarded during that spin.

During the game, the selected bonuses are indicated by the ‘active’ panels at the top of the screen, along with details on how to win them. Bonuses that are not active are not available during that game, however you can reselect the bonus games you would like to play at any point after or before a spin.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Bonus Games

A selection of bonus games are on offer, each paying varying amounts of money, and all awarded by landing three or more of the matching symbols in view. All bonuses excluding free spins will automatically award the £500 jackpot for landing five identical bonus symbols in view.

Pots of Gold Bonus: Gold, silver and bronze pots rotate around the screen (gold and silver only on the super pots game). They will then come to a halt, with an arrow pointing to the winning outcome. The value of that pot will then be paid, then reset to its starting value.
The three pot values can be seen at all times when the bonus is active at the top of the screen. The gold pot is always £500. All spins add money to the pots when the bonus is active, with all winning pots rounded up to the nearest 10p.

Road the Riches Bonus: The player must press the start button to spin the wheel which will decide the number of steps to progress up the cash path. You can then continue spinning and advancing up the path until the wheel lands on the collect position, or you reach the top of the path and be awarded the £500 jackpot. The Super version of this game awards higher values and is awarded via landing four Leprechauns anywhere in view.

Fields of Gold Bonus: This is played on multiple levels, each with increasing amounts of prizes on offer.

  • Level 1: 50 coins will spin and stop, accumulating the cash values shown in the win meter. You will then be presented with another spinning coin which has ‘go on’ and ‘collect’ on each side. The coin will rotate, and if it shows ‘collect’ the feature will end with the prize shown in the winning meter paid. If it shows ‘go on’, level 2 is awarded.
  • Level 2: Another 50 coins will spin and stop, each having higher values then the previous level. Any cash values shown will be added to the prize meter which will also accumulate the winnings from level 1. The player will then be shown another coin with ‘collect’ or ‘go on’ displayed on each side. This will rotate, with ‘collect’ ending the feature and paying the accumulation of level 1 and level 2. If the coin shows ‘go on’ then level 3 is awarded.
  • Level 3: A final 50 coins will be shown, each with larger values of money than the previous two levels. Again, they will spin and stop with any cash values displayed added to the winning meter which will also contain the accumulated values from levels 1 and 2. The feature is now at an end and all winnings in the prize meter are awarded.

Magic Toadstool Bonus: The player is awarded three picks, however extra picks may be awarded once all of the picks have been used. Touching a toadstool on the screen will reveal either a cash value or a fairy and reduces the remaining picks by one. All cash values accumulate in the winning meter displayed at the side of the screen. Fairy positions reveal either additional cash values or more fairies. The feature ends when all picks have been used or all of the toadstools are gone. When all of the toadstools are gone with one or more pick remaining, a bonus multiple will increase your cash prize by X2. The Super Magic Toadstool bonus awards an enhanced version of the game with many more bonus picks awarded.

Free Spins Bonus: Free spins are played automatically using the same awards and number of lines as the initiating stake. All wins are accumulative and are paid as a total at the end of the game. Free spins can re-trigger until up to a maximum of £500 has been won, this includes any coincidental wins awarded in conjunction with the free spins.
Three icons awards 10 free spins, four icons awards 20 and five awards 30. During the bonus the free spins icon also acts as a wild symbol.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix has a gamble option available at the end of any winning spin. The screen will show three gamble options, with the chance of winning displayed as green in the disc icon for each option. A winning gamble will increase the prize value to that displayed. A losing gamble will result in no win unless some was previously banked prior to the bet. A maximum of five gambles will be offered per game, with a maximum win of £500 available.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix has been developed by Barcrest and is available to play in Coral and Ladbrokes betting shops as well as selected amusement arcades and bingo halls.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Readers Review

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix brings the best features of classic Rainbow Riches slots, combining them all into one highly enjoyable slot machine; Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix. As the name suggests you get to pick and mix the features that you want to play for. You can pick one, two or three features out of a selection of five. UK gamblers will likely recognise all of the bonus games from older £500 jackpot Rainbow Riches slots mostly seen in betting shops and amusement arcades. New online players might not be too familiar with them all, but you’ll have fun finding out.

When Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix loads up, you will be required to select from one to three features out of a choice of five. If you select just one, the odds on winning that feature during the slot base game increase. Many regular slot machine players in bookies opt for just the pots features, this is played across all five reels as opposed to the more common centre three. Choosing to play just the pots feature makes Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix play more like Pure Gold, however this version is a little tighter with awarding the pots.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Bonus Games

There are five bonus features to choose from, some have more value placed on them than other, so the odds on hitting them will vary according to the games you have selected. I’ll start with the lowest valued features and work my way up.

  • Toadstool Bonus: The least favourite and lowest valued feature on the Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix slot; Toadstool. Land three, four or five mushrooms anywhere in view to trigger this bonus feature. A field of mushrooms will spring up out of the ground, you must then clear as much as the field as possible. Hidden behind each mushroom is either a cash value or a fairy. Ideally you want to find the fairies as these will clear more of the mushrooms for you.
    If you manage to clear the field with two picks left, your prize is multiplied by X4. If you clear the field with one pick left your prize is doubled. On the £500 jackpot version of this slot, these prizes would be in the region of £350 and £180 respectively, usually however you will win around £20. Playing online, the value of the prizes will change according to the stake at which you won the feature, the higher the stake the higher the prize in most cases.
  • Road to Riches: The classic Road to Riches feature is awarded with three, four or five Leprechaun’s anywhere in view. Most people will be familiar with this feature, and even though the wins are often low, slot machine players love it. On the £500 jackpot versions it is very rare to reach the pot of gold at the end of the path, however wins of £40 up to £125 are not too uncommon.
    The online version uses multipliers instead of cash values along the path, these are then multiplied by the stake at which you entered the feature. The Leprechaun will spin his wheel numbered from 1 to 6, which each spin progressing you accordingly. The Road to Riches bonus game end when ‘collect’ has been spun on the wheel.
  • Free Spins: I personally think if you are playing Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix in the bookies on the £500 jackpot slots, you may as well play the original Free Spins game rather than going solely for this bonus, this is because the free spins symbols act as wilds in the base game of the original, but on Pick n Mix they do not.
    To be awarded the Free Spins feature you must land either one, two or three bonus symbols on the first reel followed by a single symbol on reels three and five. One symbol on the first reel awards ten free spins, two is twenty and three is thirty. The free spins symbols act as wilds during the bonus, and this is often a very generous game. The bonus can also be re-triggered multiple times and it is common to do so, especially with twenty or thirty free spins in play.
  • Fields of Gold: The original Fields of Gold bonus was awarded via the centre three reels only, the Pick n Mix version allows for up to five symbols anywhere in view across all five reels to trigger the bonus. Fields of Gold is one of the top features and as such isn’t too common, however you don’t always win big off it. Once the bonus starts a screen of coins rotates with either a cash value or a blank surface. All the coins with the cash value are accumulated, you are then given a 50/50 chance to move to the next level with higher value coins. The same process happens again, again with a 50/50 chance of reaching the final level with even higher paying coin values. Reaching the top level on the £500 jackpot version will pay around £400 to £500, the online version can pay far more as there is no jackpot limit in place.
  • Pots of Gold: This Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix feature is a classic and is most players favourite. Spin in three, four or five pot symbols to be awarded the Pots of Gold feature. Once active, the Leprechaun will spin around various coloured pots; bronze, silver and gold. As you can gather, the gold is the highest value, with the bronze the lowest. The rotating pots will come to a halt, with the value of the pot awarded. These values are represented by multipliers online and cash values on the betting terminal slots.
    Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix is packed with features, and as you get to choose the ones you want to play for, this is a very unique and fun slot machine. As well as the winning potential from the bonus games, the reel wins during the base game can too award large amounts, especially when large clusters of Rainbow Riches symbols roll in.
    As usual the value of your wins is determined by the amount you stake. Depending on what online casino you choose to play, you can often spin the reels from as little as 10p, right up to £500. The stake in the bookies is a maximum of £2, or up to £50 with the Big Bet feature.
  • Big Bet (BB): The Big Bet feature is a relatively new concept and was brought in as a way to bypass the £2 maximum betting limit imposed on betting terminal slot machines. The Big Bet has since been carried over to the online casinos.
    Big Bet will play a set amount of games at a fixed stake; usually five spins for up to £50. All wins are then paid at the end of these five spins, a good example of this is Reels of Gold. The only exception to this rule is with the Big Bet on rainbow Riches Pick n Mix. By choosing the Big Bet (represented by the letter BB to the right of the screen in online casinos), you will be shown three different pie gambles, each displaying the odds of winning that gamble for the feature. If you lose the gamble you are awarded five regular spins, if you win the gamble you are taken straight to the feature. This can be very costly, especially if going for the high valued features of Pots of Gold or Fields of Gold, it also makes the slot machine rather boring to play, as all of the anticipation from the base game reels is taken away.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix is available to play for real money or free demo play, or click the links above the picture at the top of the screen, or play online here.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Online

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix, the hit slot machine in the bookies and arcades is now available to play online.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix online uses all of the bonus options from the bookies version, but allows you to choose stakes from as low as 20p per game, right up to a massive £500 for a single spin. As it is an online slot, the percentage has also improved considerably over the bookies versions, as has the value of the jackpot. The increased percentage will result in more features and more wins far more frequently than if you were playing in the bookies or an arcade, and as the wins are substantially higher, you may win something far more valuable than the £500 jackpot offered as a maximum win in Ladbrokes and Coral. Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix online uses the same playing concept as the original version, allowing you to pick and choose your features to customise the slot as to how you like it.

Most of the features are the same, however as it is an online slot, most of the wins are shown as multiples of your stake. You may select up to three of the most popular Rainbow Riches features, these include Free Spins, Pots of Gold, Fields of Gold, Road to Riches, and the Toadstool bonus. As well as the popular and rewarding bonus features, the reel spins can also award large winning combinations.

There are several key features that set the online version apart from the original betting terminal and arcade versions. These are the choice of stakes; you can have a fun and rewarding game for as little as 20p per spin. Those who enjoy larger bets for bigger wins can play up to £500, with £10 and £20 per spin being popular choices. £1 and £2 are also available, as are many other stake options, so you can play to your budget and still have a chance of winning big.
The percentage (RTP) Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix online pays at is around 95% long term on all stakes, so you won’t be ripped off by the lowest RTP of 86% in the bookies, which only increases up to a maximum (and still low) of 91% when played at £2 per spin.
The jackpots online are substantially bigger and not limited to the £500 maximum. There are also no rip-off Mega Spins for £50 per game with a £500 limit. If you want to bet £50 per spin, you have the possibility of winning tens of thousands of pounds. And finally, the online casinos reward the players far more than bookies and arcades are ever able to. Right now Casumo is offering a large bonus on your first deposit, allowing you to play Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix with less risk.

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