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Wild Worlds Slot

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Our rating:
  • A brilliantly in-depth and entertaining new slot from NetEnt
  • Enter different worlds and fight monsters for rewards
  • A great looking game that has a lot to like

Wild Worlds slot from Netent is a creative, new game that sets itself apart from the competition thanks to its original design and gameplay. The slot has a great theme with a nice story behind it, and lots of features and battles to keep you interesting, while also offering some great payouts. Quite simply, there’s a battle between heroes and monsters of different kinds which you need to defeat to earn special rewards as I’ll explain in more detail shortly. First, you need start actually playing the game which you do by spinning the reels. There are 5 of these along with 5 rows, and wins are obtained either horizontally or vertically with a minimum of 3 base symbols required. These are as follows, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • Green, Red or Blue Jewel (lowest value)
  • Green, Red Or Blue Embossed Jewel
  • Crown or Wild (highest value)

The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols in a winning combination apart from the Scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol is used to trigger the Free Spins Bonus.

Hero Wilds. Whenever you get a win with a Hero symbol, all of the other symbols of the same type will turn into Wild symbols. This is a simple feature but it’s available during the base game and the Free Spins Bonus.

wild worlds slot gameplay

Wild Worlds Slot Bonuses and Features

Destroy Feature. Whenever you don’t get a win, this feature may trigger randomly. In doing so, only symbols of one particular colour will remain on the reels, with all other symbols being destroyed apart from the Scatter symbol.

Free Spins Bonus. This is triggered by 3 Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels and will give you 8 free spins. There are 3 different ‘worlds’ available here each with a unique feature:

  • Ice World. This feature is all about heavy Wilds. When a captain or boss’ weak spot is destroyed, a stack of 2 heavy Wilds is placed randomly onto the reels. When these Wilds form a winning combination, they remain in place for the next avalanche.
  • Fire Lands. Now when you destroy a captain or boss’ weak spot, 2, 3 or 4 Wild symbols will be randomly placed on the reels to try and help you get more wins.
  • Dark Forest. In the same fashion as the previous 2 worlds, a destroyed weak spot will this time give you a spreading Wild symbol on the reels. If it forms a win, it will explode along with the other symbols. New spreading Wilds are then placed on adjacent positions to the previously spreading Wild.

So what are these heroes I here you ask? Hero’s have their own low and medium symbol, shown as the gems, which match their colour. They’re used to activate the hero attack and charge the hero meter. You need 3 charges to completely fill the meter, and a win with a hero symbol will change the corresponding hero meter. Once full, a special attack is available. The blue special attack does 1 damage to all monsters, while the red special attack does 1 damage 4 times to randomly selected monsters. Finally, the green hero does 4 damage to a single monster. The monsters come in 2 forms. There are 3 captains and a boss. The captains have 15 health and give you a free spins feature when they’re destroyed. The Boss has a whopping 105 health points and, when destroyed, puts you in another world with 8 free spins and new captains.

wild worlds slot rules


Wild Worlds slot is a fun game from NetEnt that’s definitely original. I really enjoy it when developers come up with something new like this and it’s a great way to attract new players. This slot has lots going on with a bunch of features and special attacks with battles between monsters and heroes. It’s very enjoyable and I think it’s definitely worth checking out. You can find some of their other slots here too.

A Great-Looking, Fun New Slot





  • Some great features.
  • Looks brilliants.
  • Very fun.

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