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Wolf Hunters Slot

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Wolf Hunters Slot

  • A spooky theme with werewolves and vampires
  • Lots of unique features mainly focused around free spins
  • Upgrade your Hunters and kill the werewolves for big rewards

Wolf Hunters slot is brought to you by Yggdrasil and is their latest slot which has been on our radar. Time and again they’ve shown they can make some of the best slots in the business and do so very consistently, so we were very excited to review Wolf Hunters slot and see what was on offer this time.

The title of the game gives away the story of the theme, but I have to say I was particularly impressed with how well the slot looks and has been designed, including the great intro and eery music. There’s a great deal of detail here especially with the backdrop; a creepy looking mansion set at night. The reels also look impressive with gargoyles on top and posters on the side. All in all, a very striking slot that really draws you in. Yggdrasil are also known for their original gameplay and unique take on features, and I’m pleased to say that this slot is no different, but I’ll come onto the individual features in more detail shortly. The basic gameplay is just that though, quite basic with a 5×3 setup with the aim of getting a winning combination from left to right using the base symbols which tie in nicely with the theme. These are listed as follows, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • Diamonds and Clubs (lowest value)
  • Spades
  • Hearts
  • Blue Spear
  • Green Potion
  • Purple Trap
  • Werewolf (highest value)

In addition to these base symbols, there’s a Wild symbol which will substitute for all of the above symbols in a winning combination, giving you a better chance of getting a win. In Wolf Hunters slot, the Wild symbol also awards a respin with the Wild stuck in place, and only 1 Wild symbol need appear for the respin to be awarded. If more Wilds land during the respins, they will also be sticky and an additional respin will be granted.

Wolf Hunters Slot Bonuses and Features

You also have a Werewolf symbol. When this appears, a Hunter will appear and attack the Werewolf, and if he wins then the symbol will turn into a Wild symbol, reducing the health of the Werewolf by 1 and increasing the Hunters rage by 1.

Hunter’s Rage. If you manage to fill the Hunter’s Rage, you’ll be awarded with 10 Hunter Free Spins with the Hunter powered-up.

Slayer Free Spins. If you manage to reduce the Werewolf’s health down to 0, you’ll be award 10 Slayer Free Spins. During these free spins, all the Werewolf symbols are automatically transformed into Wild symbols and expanded as described by the Hunter Upgrades.

Free Spins Bonus. If you land the Bonus symbols on reel 1 and 5 simultaneously, you will be given 5 free spins. There’s not much change during the free spins, but any Hunters that participate in a fight with Werewolves have a higher chance of winning the fight.

Hunter Upgrades. You’ll notice a bar indicating the power ups of the Hunters, and you can power them up by collecting 3 of their bonus symbols during the free spins. Once powered up, you will be given 2 free spins and the Wild symbols from winning a fight with a Werewolf will expand either to the left for the Hunter, or up and down for the Huntress.


Yggdrasil have made some seriously impressive slots to date and as I’ve said before, we’re a huge fan of them here at Stopandstep. Wolf Hunters is another great example of their originality and ability to make immersive and rewarding games that really stand out from the crowd. The theme is absolutely brilliant, because despite the fact that we have seen slots involving werewolves and vampires before such as House of Doom slot, the way the theme ties into the gameplay and the features here is very impressive. This truly is a unique slot that’s feature rich and very fun to play. The payouts are impressive too, although there aren’t any huge wins available but you will often find yourself with some nice decent payouts quite regularly. This is definitely a slot that I highly recommend you try.

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