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Medusa’s Golden Gaze Slot


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Medusa’s Golden Gaze Slot

  • A wide range of free spins features with good variety
  • A fun theme with a decent design and good-looking symbols
  • Not especially rewarding or fun for long periods of time

Medusa’s Golden Gaze slot is all about giving you, the player, the option to decide how you want to play. It does this by offering a variety of Free Spins Bonus should you win enough free spins in the first place. You can choose to trigger features more frequently, or increase the value of your bets. Having the choice doesn’t necessarily make the slot better though, so how does it fair? Let’s take a closer look.

The design is fairly average and not very striking, but it does the job and I like the theme of Medusa-like with Age of the Gods Medusa and Monsters slot. You have a 5×3 setup with 25 paylines so all you need to do is spin the reels to try and get a winning combination from left to right using the base symbols. These are as follows, ranked in ascending order based on their value:

  • 10, Jack or Queen (lowest value)
  • King or Ace
  • Bracelet
  • Helmet or Shield
  • Mermaid
  • Warrior
  • Medusa (highest value)

These symbols can give you some cash rewards when you get the right number of them along the right line. However, there are other symbols in Medusa’s Golden Gaze slot. One of these is the Wild symbol shown as the game’s logo. This substitutes for all other symbols in a winning combination, but is also the most valuable symbol in the game, even more so than Medusa by a factor of 2.5. Then you have the Bonus symbol shown as a temple, which is used to trigger the Free Spins Bonus as you’ll see below.


Medusa’s Golden Gaze Slot Bonuses and Features

Mystery Feature. Each reel can contain a stack of Mystery symbols which will be replaced by a game symbol during each reel spin. All symbols can be shown including Wild and Bonus symbols.

Reel Copy Feature. If at any point reel one has a full stack of the same symbol, the stack itself can be copied to either 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the remaining reels. This feature is available during both the base game and the Free Spins Bonus.

Free Spins Bonus. This is the centrepiece of the slot, as is very often the case with new games these days. It’s triggered by 3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols appearing anywhere on the reels, awarding 5, 6 or 8 free spins for the bonus, respectively. Of course, you get more than a few free spins. If there are multiple lines which have a winning combination of Bonus symbols, these will combine together to give you additional free spins, meaning a grand total of 200 free spins are available to you. If you get more than 10 free spins, you’ll be given 3 different options to choose from:

  • Regular Free Spins. As you might have guessed, this will just play out the free spins, no thrills attached.
  • Easy Feature Free Spins. Once again, for half the number of free spins, you can play them out with a higher chance of activating the Reel Copy Feature, with remaining free spins being played as regular free spins.
  • 50 Lines Free Spins. This option lets you play half the number of free spins but with 50 paylines, with any free spins remaining played as regular free spins.

If you get more than 30 free spins, you’ll get the above options as well as 2 additional options:

  • Super Free Spins. This is where things get a bit more exciting. You’ll have only a ⅓ of your free spins to work with, but here all wins are multiplied by 3 so you can start to get some big payouts.
  • Mega Free Spins. This is similar to the Super Free Spins, but you only get ⅕ of your free spins and in return all wins will be multiplied by 5.



Medusa’s Golden Gaze slot from 2by2 Gaming provides you with a lot of choice in terms of how you play your free spins, while also offering a few other little features to make the game interesting. The Reel Copy Feature is pretty nice, and I like being able to choose different free spins, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to make the game that enticing. It’s nice to have the ability to choose to go for bigger wins with less few spins, for instance, essentially taking a gamble, but I just didn’t find the slot that entertaining or rewarding. Let us know what you think down in the comments section below.

An Average Slot With Some Good Free Spins





  • Good Range Of Free Spins
  • Good Theme


  • Not Very Fun
  • Payouts Are Average

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