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Money Cart 2 Slot

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Our rating:
  • A new Western-themed slot focused on respins only
  • Lots of special symbols and a very high RTP
  • No base game means a very unique gaming experience

Money Cart 2 slot is the latest game from Relax Gaming and if it sounds and looks familiar, that’s because it’s largely based on Money Train 2 from the same developer. Don’t worry though as this slot is most certainly different with some impressive statistics too.

As I just mentioned, it does look very similar but that’s not a bad thing. It’s an impressive design with a good theme and it just works well for this kind of game. Usually I’d now explain how many pay lines you have and what symbols there are, but there are no pay lines here as your only goal is to trigger the respins feature.

money cart 2 slot gameplay


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Money Cart 2 Slot Bonuses and Features

Respin Feature. In this game, landing 3 or more of the bonus symbols anywhere on the reels will give you 3 respins, not the free spins bonus you might expect. Respins are important though, as they will add the following symbols and modifiers which is where the bigger wins can come from:

  • Bonus Symbol. This will show you a value up to 10 coins.
  • Golden Bonus Symbols. This shows a larger value of 20-200 coins.
  • Payer. This will reveal a coin value and add it to all other symbols on the reels.
  • Collecter. Also showing a coin value, it will then add all other visible values on the screen to its own.
  • Collector/Payer. A combination of the above, this should give you even more coins.
  • Sniper. This will reveal a coin value and double the value of 3-8 bonus symbols, or act on the same symbol multiple times.
  • Necromancer. This reveals a coin value and brings 2-7 already-used non persistent special bonus symbols to life.
  • Reset Plus. This shows a coin value and increases the starting number of spins left by 1.

Persistent Symbols. You can also land these symbols during the feature which will trigger on every respin until the feature ends:

  • Persistent Payer. Showing a coin value, it adds it to all other visible symbols for all spins.
  • Persistent Sniper. Also revealing a coin value, it has the same effect but acts on every spin as the other sniper.
  • Persistent Collector. This will add values to its own on every respin.

If you manage to open all reels and fill every position with a symbol, the feature will end and reward you with 500 coins. Equally, if you manage to win 50,000 coins, or 5,000x your stake, you’ll end the feature.

money cart 2 slot rules


Money Cart 2 slot from Relax Gaming is no ordinary slot, that’s for sure. There isn’t really a base game here, instead your only goal is to trigger the respins feature. This works in the same way as the bonus in Money Train 2, one of their most popular games and it’s a great feature for sure so I have no issue with that. It is a shame that the maximum payout is significantly lower at 5,000x your stake, but that’s not bad anyway and when the RTP is a huge 98%, it’s hard to complain. I really like how they’ve come up with something different for this slot and I think it could be the start of a new trend of slots that are focused solely on features.

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A Unique Slot With No Base Game





  • Great respins feature.
  • Very high RTP.
  • Nice design.


  • Won't be for everyone.

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