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Robin of Sherwood Slot

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Robin of Sherwood Slot

  • A great theme based on the famous Robin Hood and his Merry Men
  • Excellent graphics look as though the slot has been taken from a Disney movie
  • Some nice bonuses with the ability to gamble your winnings

Robin of Sherwood slot is a new game from Microgaming that is based on, you guessed it, Robin Hood.This is a well-known character loved by most for taking from the rich and giving to the poor. He’s a true hero and makes for an excellent slot theme. What I really like about this slot though is how it looks. I think they’ve taken some lessons from Disney here because it looks like something from straight out of their movies which is absolutely a good thing. The graphics are incredible, and the colours are nice and deep creating a warm, autumn feeling. The sound’s pretty good too, nothing too obtrusive just a nice melody with some upbeat music and you start winning cash or bonuses like most slots.

When it comes to the actual gameplay, Robin of Sherwood slot has quite a bit to offer. There are a few bonuses which I’ll come onto shortly which offer some pretty nice rewards. The layout is just your basic 5×3 setup but you have 243 ways to win which I know appeals to quite a lot of players and for good reason. The aim of the game is to get a winning combination from left to right using the base symbols which are listed as follows, ranked in ascending order:

  • Jack (lowest value)
  • Queen
  • King
  • Ace
  • Yellow Man
  • Red Man
  • Blue Woman
  • Purple Man
  • Robin and Wild (highest value)

The Wild symbol only pays out on its own when in a combination of 5 while the other symbols payout in combinations of 3 and 4 also. As well as this, it substitutes for all other symbols in a winning combination apart from the Scatter symbol.

Robin of Sherwood Slot Bonuses and Features

Free Spins Bonus. This is the main bonus of the game and is triggered by 3 or more Scatter symbols which take the form of an archery target. You will be given 10 free spins but unfortunately won’t have an opportunity to win anymore during the bonus.

Wild Turning Feature. This is a randomly triggered feature that could happen at any time. What it does is change all the Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols on at least 1 reel into Wild symbols which should hopefully increase your chances of getting a winning combination. This feature and the Free Spins Bonus can be triggered with the same spin but the Wild Turning Feature will always play before the Free Spins Bonus. If this feature is activated during the Free Spins Bonus, it is replaced with the Royal Clearing Feature for a better chance at being successful.

Royal Clearing Feature. This activates on every 2nd spin during the Free Spins Bonus and works by removing the Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols in order from play leaving you with only the high paying symbols by the end.

Gamble Game. As we’ve seen in other games such as Temperance slot, you have the option here to gamble your winnings after each win. What they’ve done with Robin of Sherwood slot though is incorporate this feature into the game very nicely, allowing you to choose a target and double your win if the arrow hits. If it loses then you will lose the whole bet. This is still a 50/50 chance game but I really like how they’ve made it more interesting. You can keep gambling until you reach the gamble limit or 5 gambles for a single win.


Robin of Sherwood slot is actually a pretty fun game with a theme that I’m sure everyone can enjoy. Microgaming have done a fantastic job with the whole design, creating friendly looking characters and a simple layout with a lovely backdrop. The graphics are exceptional too with plenty of detail. When it comes to the gameplay, there are a few really nice features here with a good mix of those that can be triggered randomly and the ones that take you away from the main game like the Free Spins Bonus. While it would have been nice to see one or two more, there’s plenty there for most and some decent rewards to be had too. As a final touch, you even have the option to gamble your winnings if you’re feeling brave. All in all then, this is a brilliant slot from Microgaming that I highly recommend.

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