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Bookies Roulette Tips

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Bookies Roulette Tips

Bookies roulette tips for bonus roulette. Bonus roulette games are a fun and a clever way for the bookies to increase their odds without the player really noticing. If you had a choice between playing European roulette and American roulette, most players would choose European, for the obvious reason; there is one less number but the odds pay the same. Now turn that double zero slot on the American roulette wheel into a bonus position and stick it on a European roulette game, and you may just end up with more players playing this disguised version of double zero roulette.
The random element of traditional bookies roulette applies here, with the RNG assigning each position of the roulette wheel a number, with all 38 positions having the same equal chance of coming in during any spin. In the majority of cases the RNG will have assigned the bonus position to the number 38. The moment you press ‘bet’ is the moment the RNG selects its number, with what follows a short animation to give a visual representation of the final outcome. If this is any number from 0 to 36, all bets are paid accordingly. If it is the bonus position, the side bet game will take place, providing (in most cases) that at least a minimum bet was placed on the bonus position. The following games do not need a bet on the bonus position for the bonus game to be awarded:

Lucky 8 Roulette: The only prize available during this bonus is the progressive cashpot. You have a 50/1 chance of the bonus, followed by an 8/1 chance of winning the cashpot. You do not need to bet on the Lucky 8 position on the table, but you will need to meet the minimum betting requirements of £1 which can be placed anywhere.

Extra Bet Roulette: This bonus pays either a multiplier of your side bet stake up to X70, or a progressive cashpot. If you do not bet on the Extra Bet position on the table and the ball lands in the bonus, any multipliers would equal a losing bet, however should the cashpot be lit, you will have a 50/50 chance of being awarded the cashpot value rather than 100% had you placed a chip on this position.

Key Bet Roulette: Essentially the same as Extra Bet mentioned above. Originally a bet wasn’t required on certain versions of the 5p stake game, this has since changed so you now need at least a £1 stake on the Key Bet bonus position to be in with a chance of winning.

Aside from the above mentioned FOBT casino games, all of the bonus roulette games will require at least a minimum stake for a chance to be awarded the bonus, and although all of them are random, there are optimum playing methods to increase your winnings long term.

Deal or No Deal Roulette: This applies to both versions of Deal or No Deal Roulette, and would even apply to the TV show if you could play multiple times. Long term, the odds are better if you never collect anything and always play to the end to open your box. Easier said than done I know.
This is also true of all random versions of Deal or No Deal, including the online casino ones.

Big 500 Roulette: The maximum bet on the bonus is £5, however if you place £5 on the bonus plus at least £45.20 on the main board, a free £1 chip will be added to the bonus position, taking the total to £6 and slightly increasing the bonus prize possibilities.

Key Bet Roulette: As the progressive cashpot accumulates, there are optimum times to play and not play this FOBT machine. When at its lowest and close to it, Key Bet Roulette has the worst odds of all bookies roulette games, with an RTP of an incredibly low 84.9%. You could actually place £10 on the bonus position and win a cashpot of £25; not good odds. However, the more it is played, the larger the cashpot becomes, increasing the RTP as it does so. With that in mind, playing Key Bet Roulette with cashpots at £210 and above will ultimately result in a profit, long term. The higher the cashpot the better, up to a maximum of £500. This relates to the £5 minimum stake version only, the lower stake Key Bet requires a cashpot above £90, with £90 to £100 being the bare minimum and not really worth your while.
To play for the cashpot, place £1 on the Key Bet bonus position and a dead bet of £4 between red and black. Repeat this process, losing £1 every time a red or black number comes in, or £5 when zero comes in. You will win a multiplier from time to time to get some of your money back, until eventually you win the cashpot.

Those are the optimum roulette machine tips, all other bonus roulette games are entirely random, with no right or wrong time to play them. The odds are generally lower than standard bookies European Roulette, with one exception; Betfred Bonus King Roulette which has an RTP of 97.49%.

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