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Online Casino Bonuses: Everything You Need to Know

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Online Casino Bonuses: Everything You Need to Know

Online casinos are growing in popularity nowadays due to the convenience that players get from it. Not only can they play on it at the comforts of their own home, but the winnings are also most of the time higher.

However, it’s not just about those reasons why they’re choosing these over land-based casinos. One reason has something to do with the bonuses they get when playing.

Almost all online casinos have their own bonus page, where all of its bonuses are shown. From sign-up packages to welcome offers, players will surely be enticed to play on it throughout the day. This is also where online casinos gain an advantage over its competitors.

This means that when choosing one to play in, it’s important that you see to it that the bonuses will suit your playing style. That’s why you need to know the different kinds of online casino bonuses. That’s just what you’re going to learn here.

High Roller

This is one of the best bonuses you can get from an online casino. Just be sure that you’ve got the money to be entitled to get it. You’ll receive a high roller bonus when you deposit a huge amount to your online casino. You’ll also get more bonuses if you play more than the average number of hours. Examples of these bonuses are tickets to sports events and cash payouts.

Free Referral

This is one of the most common types of bonuses you’ll find in an online casino. This is where you’ll get a bonus once you’ve successfully referred a friend to the online casino you’re playing on. You’ll then receive the bonus when they create an account and signup for it. It might be in the form of cash, giveaway, or some other kind of freebies.

Percentage Deposit

Percentage Deposit is another pretty good bonus because you can get a generous amount of money from it. There is a specific rate standard that tells how much cash bonus you get from your deposited money. It works just like a bank interest rate but the return is way higher.


In order for online casinos to maintain their customers, they give them Reload bonuses. You’ll get this bonus once you come back to the online casino and make more deposits. Every cash reload equates to a casino bonus. This is one of the most common bonuses you can get from online casinos in the UK, which makes Brits pretty fond of this. If your casino of choice has the bonus, then you don’t need to switch from one online casino to another.

Free Spins

Free spins are one of the most common bonuses in British online casinos. That’s why you’ll usually find free spins from leading UK Casinos across the web. This is where you can randomly get a bonus reward by spinning a wheel. Free spins are highly sought after by most gamblers because of the usually high win rewards. Most free spins today also have majority of wins instead of losses. It’s because of the high winning rate that people find games with this bonus as interesting.

New Player

There are lots of online casinos popping out of existence every now and then. Hence, competition becomes stiffer. In order to outcompete one another, they come up with New Player bonuses. These are also called as Welcome or Signup bonuses. You’ll get a New Player bonus once you sign up an account on the online casino for the first time. This is why when choosing one, always see to it first that it offers high bonuses or lots of it.

No Deposit

Though this is a bit rare to find in old online casinos, this is also worth reckoning. Why? It’s because this is the most cost-efficient bonus you’ll find. This functions like a casino privilege where you don’t need to make any deposit or payment for you to play on it. What’s great about it is that you can still win money without spending even a single penny.

Payment Method

You might have noticed that there are multiple payment methods when playing in an online casino. And one of those methods might be the recommended choice. If the online casino has a recommended payment method, they’re likely to put a bonus there. It might be a sign-up bonus or a cash bonus or even a discount when you pay through that method. Most of the time, these choices are the e-wallets.


Playing in online casinos is no doubt fun and convenient in your part. However, you should also see to it that your casino of choice offers you the best experience. One way of doing that is by having as many possible bonuses you can enjoy. In knowing the most common types of online casino bonuses, you can easily choose the perfect online casino for you. The best of luck to you mate.

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