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New Ladbrokes Betting Terminal

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New Ladbrokes Betting Terminal

  • Currently on trial across the UK in 100 Coral and Ladbrokes betting shops 
  • The new betting terminals features a privacy mode where gaming can be moved to a smaller screen
  • The Equinox cabinet comes at a time when Inspired Gaming are releasing their Flex 4k betting terminals in William Hill and Betfred

The new Ladbrokes betting terminals are currently on trial across the UK’s betting shops, with Coral, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power all taking part in the trial of these impressive looking fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT’s).
The new Ladbrokes betting terminals are one in a range of Equinox cabinets currently being released by SG Gaming, with an incredible looking (and very costly) 53” multiplayer version being released for adult gaming centres (AGC’s). The betting shop version of the Equinox boasts either a 24” or 27” high definition screen, each of which use a new and unique privacy mode function. The privacy mode moves any roulette, blackjack and some slot games to a minimal 15.6” monitor.

The key features of the new Ladbrokes betting terminals are:

  • 24” and 27” HD monitor
  • 15.6” V-Deck monitor with privacy mode
  • Integrated barcode reader, with the capability to scan codes on smart phones
  • Customisable options to suit the location of the betting terminal

The Equinox Betting Terminal

The heights of the new Ladbrokes betting terminals are 2.8 metres and 2.19 metres respectively, with widths of 58cms and 62 cms.
There have been several slot games made specifically for these new terminals, including the Legend of Bigfoot and Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours, although both of these titles are also available on the older Clarity fixed odds betting terminals.

Comparing the Equinox to Inspired Gamings Flex 4k terminal, it looks like Inspired have released a more impressive unit, with a full length 43” curved monitor, as well as a USB port for players to charge their mobile devices. The Equinox does have the privacy mode, which kind of negates the entire concept of the rest of the betting terminal. It also goes to show that many betting shops have a huge problem with loiterers, which the staff are often unwilling to deal with. If you feel you have to hide your gameplay on a smaller screen, should you be playing there in the first place?

SG Gaming hope that the Equinox range of betting terminals will eventually replace the hugely popular Triple 7 gaming terminals that have been around since 2007, although that might be a difficult task considering the Triple 7’s reliability.

The Equinox cabinets will compliment a long line of gaming terminals from SG Gaming that have graced casino floors, amusement arcades and betting shops across the country. These include Infinity, often found in adult gaming centres and casinos, Triple 8 and Triple 8 Sit-Down, both of which are popular in bingo halls and AGC’s. As well as a range of self-service betting terminals (SSBT’s) and several casino based cabinets such as the Riviera.

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