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Space Donkey Slot


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Our rating:
  • A highly-entertaining new game from No Limit City
  • 8-bit style and fun bonuses where you shoot aliens
  • Big win potential and lots of fun bonuses

NoLimitCity are known for their dark, although usually very impressive slots, but this time they’ve gone with something more fun and it’s very much like a video game. The two main bonuses have you fighting aliens with things like weapons upgrades and shields which I love. They’ve gone with an 8-bit design that looks great, and to start off with you have 6 reels and 6 rows to play on. Simply look out for a winning combination with the following base symbols:

  • 9
  • 10
  • Jack
  • Queen
  • King
  • Ace
  • Bullets
  • Gun
  • Alien
  • Plane
  • Monkey



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Space Donkey Slot Bonuses and Features

Abduction Wild. This can appear on all but the first reel and substitutes for other paying symbols in a win. When part of a win, it moves down for the next spin, increasing its multiplier by 1 for each symbol is removes.

Hellfire Feature. If you manage to land 3 chopper symbols on reels 2-5, this feature will trigger. Each chopper will fire in different directions, increasing their multiplier for symbols affected by this, up to a maximum of 10x.

Hide N Seek Bonus. This triggers with 3 scatter symbols in view. You play out on a 6×6 grid, with the triggering scatters turning into death traps. On each spin, the money will be given a direction and the number of steps to move, and he will then follow that on each spin. You have 3 lives, and the monkey will lose a life when he walks into a trap of after fighting an alien who also moves around. As the monkey moves, he collected cash prizes. New symbols drop in and are removed, but you can’t add more trap symbols and once the monkey steps on them, they are also removed. Some of the symbols the monkey can collect are:

  • Grey Chest. This gives you a cash prize, another life or teleports you to the seek n destroy bonus, or nothing.
  • Golden Chest. This gives you a cash prize.
  • Princess. Kills adjacent aliens and collected gold and grey chests.
  • Magician. Adds all golden chest values and awards them.
  • King. Boosts golden chest values up to 10x.

Seek N Destroy Bonus. This is triggered either from the Hide N Seek Bonus as mentioned, or with 4 scatters during the base symbol. For each scatter over 4, the monkey gets a shield. You play on a 6×5 grid with multipliers up to 10x on the top row. The monkey is given a random weapon and aliens appear on random rows, moving towards the monkey. Each time the monkey kills an alien, a reward is given. You can also get upgrades and more shields during the bonus to help kill more aliens.



Space Donkey slot from NoLimitCity has to be one of the most fun games we’ve ever played. They’ve clearly put a huge amount of thought and effort into this slot, and it feels more like a computer game than a slot. Both of the main bonuses are great fun, though the Seek N Destroy is my favourite and generally better too. It’s very hard to fault this slot in any way, and I highly recommend it to anyone.


8-Bit Design And Fantastic Gameplay





  • 8-bit design looks great.
  • Very fun gameplay.
  • Big win potential.

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