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Note Link Bookies FOBT Slots

I was in Coral bookies playing some of the latest FOBT slots, and having my usual gambling session. The first bookies slot I tried was the new Note Link, with first impressions making it look like Hercules High and Mighty, with the extended reels locked in at the top. Although it didn’t take too long to realise it has very little in common with the legendary hero slot machine.

£2 spins was the way forward for me, at least until I learned a little bit more about this new fixed odds betting terminal game. The reels link, but it’s not straightforward unless you read the instructions (or watch the video). Five or more linked symbols pays the win, this also goes for triggering the free spins, which seems to be awarded from left to right. I soon upped my stake to £30 High Roller spins which turned the Kings and Aces wild, so it looks like it could have big winning potential (don’t they all?).

After about £60 I managed to hit the free spins bonus with six linked scatters. This awarded only eight free spins, but as I was on the £30 High Roller game, the Kings and Aces were wild, plus the extra reels unlocked on the top screen to create a larger playing area. The bonus on Note Link didn’t really disappoint, I can certainly see the potential and it paid £168.80. I’m not sure how generous it would be on £2 spins as there would be less wilds, so I will try it another day for the bonus on that stake and see how I get on. All in all though, the new bookies Note Link slot seemed ok, if a little confusing at first.

Snow Leopard, Might Black Knight FOBT Slots

Following on from Note Link, I played another new FOBT slot, this time one from IGT; Snow Leopard. IGT make some pretty good slots, and Snow Leopard has done the rounds before in casinos and online, so the bookies version should be OK. It’s all been tried and tested, and they wouldn’t put a terrible slot on the betting terminals, would they? (Except Raging Rhino and Montezuma!…and Starburst).

First impressions with the Snow Leopard slot was the win values for three of a kind were far too low, 60p for three Kings on £2 stake! You do however always get at least one wild reel every spin, this can be on any of the five reels, so I guess there is a tiny bit of potential there for something to happen.

The £2 stakes were pretty lifeless, so I changed up to the high roller Mega Spins. There were a lot of options here which made it a little confusing; £20, £30, £40 and £50 Mega Spins. Each option then had a further three choices; double play with independent reels, double play with matching wild reels and double play with matching spin and matching wild reels! I decided on the last option, but watching back I doubt it made much or any difference which one I selected.

The spins are played across 40 winlines, which does explain the low win values. The free spins bonus is awarded with three or more Paw symbols, these can be scattered across both sets of play windows so it looks like it shouldn’t be too difficult to trigger the bonus game. Three Paws awards 8 free spins, four is 20, five is 50 and six is a massive 100!
I wasn’t feeling this slot and failed to hit anything decent, and no bonus games. These high stakes can get very expensive if you fail to hit any kind of bonus, so I cut my losses on this one and ran..

..Over to the newly updated Cleopatra slot. This is a very popular game both online and in land-based casinos, so the bookies FOBT one should be OK. This is another IGT slot, I started on my usual £2 stake with 50 auto-plays, after little success I increased my stake to £20 on the Mega Games. For the £20 games you get 5 High Roller spins with the wild multipliers paying x3 and the free spins bonus paying x5, so the bonus sounds as though it has very good potential. Unfortunately I failed to hit a bonus and moved over to something more familiar; Mega Black Knight.

Mega Black Knight is currently one of my favourite slots, is has expanding wilds which unlock the top reels. The gamble option on this FOBT slot is one of my favourites, although I do get carried away on it sometimes!

A £92.80 win came on whilst on the £30 Mega Games which was then carried over to the gamble. The gamble on the Mega Black Knight slot has five options, each with different odds as well as cash or free spins. The average value of the free spins in £5, although this is a long-term average, but 50 or so should always see you well.
I gambled the £92 on the first tower to £123.80, then the fifth tower for 40 free spins, then the second tower for 60 free spins! I then collected. The total at the end of the game was £259.20, so not too bad but slightly below the long-term average. After the gambling session I finished in profit having inserted £50 and collected £291. Remember though, these are my own gambling experiences and with the big gambles comes big swings in wins and losses.

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