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Lightning Roulette Rules And Strategies

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Lightning Roulette is an exciting, new game from Evolution Gaming that’s designed to bring a new level of excitement to the gambling world. Evolution Gaming are a company well known for shaking things up and have come up with some cracking games in the past, so let’s take a closer look at Lightning Roulette along with how to play it and some strategies you can use.

How To Play Lightning Roulette UK – The Rules

Lightning Roulette is in many ways similar to European Roulette so there’s no steep learning curve when understanding how it works. The strategies you’ll want to implement are very different though, so keep reading to learn more about that.

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Lightning Roulette Odds

The wheel is composed of 37 numbers in total including a single zero, just like the regular game. This means you have a 1 in 37 chance of your number coming up. The payouts aren’t exactly the same, however, and that’s because of the Lucky Numbers. These are randomly generated numbers which can be any of the numbers on the wheel. You can get up to 5 on a single spin, and these numbers will have randomly generated multipliers associated to them of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x and 500x. What that means is that if you place a bet on say, number 10, and number 10 is chosen as a lucky number with a multiplier of 100x, you’ll receive a payout of 100x your bet on that number. Now, there are a few things to note here. Firstly, that bet must be a straight bet, in other words, that stake must be on that number only. Other types of bets will pay out exactly the same as regular European Roulette. You might be thinking that the odds are in your favour if they’re throwing around big multipliers like that? Well, not quite. That’s because a regular straight bet only pays out 29/1. What that means is that the RTP remains at 97.3% for things like corner and street bets, but is significantly lower for straight bets which many players will of course be placing.

Lightning Roulette Strategies and Systems

As I mentioned earlier, while the game might seem fairly similar to European Roulette, the multipliers turn it into a whole different game and completely new strategies are needed. I’m going to share some with you here that you might find suitable.

The Bet On Everything Strategy

Ok, so the title of this one probably gives it away. All you need to do for this strategy is place a straight bet on every number. While that might sound expensive, remember that you are guaranteed to get most of it back. A £1 bet on each number will cost £37, and will give you a minimum of £30 back. At best, you’ll get a 500x multiplier and so you’ll make £464. Now this strategy relies on some good multipliers comics up regularly, which of course might not happen. However, it’s a fairly safe strategy and one that I’d recommend for people starting out.

The Old School Strategies

As I already said, the RTP for non-straight bets is the same as European Roulette because it pays out exactly the same. Therefore, any standard roulette strategy that uses things like split bets will work in exactly the same way. You won’t be taking advantage of the multipliers of course, but the strategy can be used nonetheless.

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Is Lightning Roulette Live For You?

I have to give credit to Evolution Gaming on this one. They’ve created a game that sounds very appealing and offers the potential for some massive rewards, really spicing up what can be a stale game of roulette. However, in doing so they have put the odds further in their favour and that’s what it really comes down to. Sure, you could place a fairly low bet and come out with a massive return on a single spin of the ball, but this isn’t likely to happen and the low RTP makes this game expensive in the long run. It is fun to play though, there’s no question about that, so give it a go and just remember to be careful with your money. Only spend what you can afford.

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