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Lucky 8 Roulette Online

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Lucky 8 Roulette Online

If you are a fan of the progressive cashpot roulette machines in the bookies, then you’ll probably like to know that you can now play Lucky 8 Roulette online. The earliest of all of the progressive cashpot roulette games in the bookies, Lucky 8 Roulette uses 49 numbers plus two additional positions to pay higher odds than standard roulette and bookies roulette, as well as offer the chance to win a progressive cashpot that accumulates with each bet placed. In the bookies Lucky 8 Roulette can pay a maximum of £350, with a small percentage of the accumulation pouring into the hidden reserve cashpot. Online, the cashpots often reach several thousand before been won, this is due to multiple Lucky 8 wheels been used.

Play Lucky 8 Roulette Online Here

As you may know, on the betting terminals you need to land on the bonus position, then land on the number 8 to win the cashpot. Online to process is the same, however to make the cashpots reach higher amounts they have used three Lucky 8 wheels, each of which must stop on an 8 to win the cashpot. You can improve your odds as the larger your bet, the more number 8’s will appear on the bonus wheels, so if you are serious about winning the cashpot, play a larger bet to improve your odds.

Lucky 8 Roulette Online Tips

Although Lucky 8 Roulette is available to play in William Hill and Betfred betting shops, online it can only be played at William Hill. You can read a detailed guide and review for the William Hill version here, but to maximise your chances whilst playing online you will need to adopt a different playing strategy.
Lucky 8 Roulette online is a random game, but because the odds are higher, the cashpot reaches larger amounts. The cashpot also accumulates across multiple games, with all players seeing the same value. This is very beneficial as the value of the pot will always be rising, allowing you to check several times a day or week to catch it when you feel it is high enough to play for.

To increase your chances, play the table for a return that will roughly equal your bet, as the only reason you are playing Lucky 8 Roulette online is for the cashpot. You will need to bet around £50 per spin for the maximum number of 8’s to appear on the bonus wheels, then you just sit and wait. It’s a slow process but the pot comes out frequently and is a great game to play to win a high valued cashpot a lot more frequently than money other online casino games.

Play Lucky 8 Roulette Online Here

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