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Self Service Betting Terminals

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Self Service Betting Terminals

Tired of dealing with miserable betting shop staff? Then try the Self-Service Betting Terminals (SSBT’s). These money launderer’s favourites have spread in increasing numbers throughout the betting shop industry, pushed through with no government regulation whatsoever, much like the original FOBT machines released way back in 2004.
As there is no government regulation regarding these machines, the Self-Service Betting Terminals have proliferated betting shops, requiring zero interaction with staff. This low level of interaction makes the SSBT’s a prime target for money launderer’s, much like their older brothers, the FOBT’s.

Government regulation is likely years away, allowing the SSBT’s to be a regular fixture in all major betting shops; from Coral and Ladbrokes, to Betfred and William Hill.
At first glance they are confusing to use, but once mastered they are surprisingly simple. The Self-Service Betting Terminals allow for betting on a wide range of sports; pretty much all of the most popular ones in fact. What you need to be aware of however is that the prices offered on the SSBT’s may differ from those offered at the counter, so be aware of this prior to betting any significant sums of money.

Self-Service Betting Terminals

As mentioned previously, there is zero government regulation on these betting machines, this means that any rules are laid out by the betting companies themselves. This isn’t usually a problem with regards to payouts, but if any issues do arise you will have nothing to fall back on. The maximum win per bet is £200,000, so if you have the potential to win more than that amount, you will need to settle your bet over the counter. Winnings are also paid over the counter, so make sure you keep hold of your receipt and claim any winnings as soon as possible after the conclusion of your bet. Winnings also need to be collected from the shop where you made your bet, which could be problematic for some people.

The majority of the Self-Service Betting Terminals have been created by SG Gaming and Inspired Gaming. The SG Gaming SSBT’s look very much like the roulette machines, however there are no actual games on these terminals, just multiple betting options across a wide range of events. Two 19inch monitors display the options available, powered by Windows 7.

The Self-Service Betting Terminals have the potential to cut down on betting shop staff, most of whom just watch people play the FOBT’s, or they themselves play them on demo mode when the shops are mostly empty, so trimming down in this area will not be a bad thing.

Self-Service Betting Terminal Summary

Odds may vary from what is on offer behind the counter

The maximum win per bet is £200,000

The SSBT’s are NOT regulated

You must collect any winnings from the same shop at which the bet was placed

Money laundering regulations mean the shop must report suspicious activity above £10,000

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