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£100 Jackpot Fruit Machines

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£100 Jackpot Fruit Machines; Latest Releases

  • The latest £100 jackpot fruit machines
  • Bell Fruit have another line-up of £100 jackpot Deal or No Deal AWP’s
  • QPS revive the classic chase concept with Chicken Run
  • The five winline Wild Jokers fruit machine brings a cluttered yet playable game from QPS

Dream Deal or No Deal, £100 Jackpot from Bell Fruit Games.

It’s no surprise that Bell Fruit have released yet another Deal or No Deal fruit machine, their R and D department is so small or non-existent that only tried and test AWP’s are ever released. Dream Deal or No Deal brings us back to the concept of Bankers Birthday, with a predetermined Deal or No Deal box, a side game bonus which may double your award, and three progressive cashpots, one on each stake.
Complete the trail at the bottom, roll in three phones, or land a win to gain access to the base feature. This feature board will build up cash, features and award bonuses and mysteries. Progress to the next level by lighting three Noel’s where larger cash awards are offered. Just like all other Deal or No Deal fruit machines, Dream DoND awards the top super feature with three phones lit. The maximum prize here is £100 and cashpot.

Chicken Run, £100 Jackpot Fruit Machine from QPS.

QPS have revived the old chase games with their Chicken Run £100 jackpot fruit machine. Using the standard three reels and a very mundane looking chase board, this new £100 jackpot fruit machine combines the progressive forcing for jackpot style of the majority of their machines, with a very simplified gaming concept.
There are multiple ways feature entry may be awarded, from a standard reel win to completion of the words ‘chicken’, plus the usual three chicken run symbols anywhere in view. Once feature has been achieved, the square gaming board will offer features, cash, mysteries and bonuses.
The chase feature is where the main action is, you; a little chicken is relentlessly pursued by a hungry fox. Can you reach the mega streak? Probably not, but it’s fun to try.

Many QPS £100 jackpot fruit machines are progressive, allowing you to push for the jackpot, and Chicken Run is no exception. If you fancy a challenge, the jackpot will often not cost more than £140 if nothing is collected and you will often be looking at around a £20 profit or £40 or so loss.

Hot Mode Deal or No Deal, £100 Jackpot Fruit Machine from Bell Fruit Games.

Bell Fruit are going to run out of things to name their Deal or No Deal fruit machines soon. Hot Mode DoND uses five winlines and a double Deal or No Deal super feature which can award a top prize of either the mega streak or the Bankers Wallet. This £100 jackpot fruit machine combines elements of a variety of DoND games, using progressive cashpots, cash or busts and super features to award various values and features. Feature entry is only available from the cash ladder which will require at least one successful gamble either from a reel win or numbers totalling more than seven.
Visually DoND Hot Mode looks appealing, but there isn’t anything unique to draw in players, so you’ll likely have a pretty good idea of what is going on the moment you play the game.

Wild Joker, £100 Jackpot Fruit Machine from QPS.

This complicated looking fruit machine from QPS is actually a standard Deal or No Deal / Monopoly style AWP in a clever disguise. The super feature is a predetermined game with values ranging from 50p up to the mega streak, with twelve values in-between. The poker theme works well, traversing the five winlines up onto the feature board, with the streaks being a series of three or four of a kind wins.
Wild Joker is a forcible fruit machine, so playing all out for the £100 jackpot or mega streak will often result in a profit or loss of around £20 or £40 respectively.

Deal or No Deal the Winning Moment, £100 Jackpot Fruit Machine from Bell Fruit Games.

The Winning Moment is a great looking Deal or No Deal fruit machine from Bell Fruit, bringing back elements of the popular Pure Gold to make for an enjoyable multi-level DoND game. Fruit wins are available on the single winline, with three phones in view opening the base feature, or three on the line opening up the standard Deal or No Deal super game. The upper level of the Deal or No Deal super game uses only five values; £10, £25, £50, cashpot and mega streak. The main feature board awards a series of features and cash, as well as bonuses and mystery positions. The top prize of the mega streak can repeat up to a maximum of £200, as can the £100 repeat chance and the cashpot repeat chance.
The Winning Moment should prove a successful hit amongst fruit machine players, so hopefully this will enjoy a wide release.

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