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Rainbow Riches Cheats

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Rainbow Riches Cheats

  • Learn the latest Rainbow Riches cheats, updated for 2017
  • Pick n Mix, Free Spins, Pots of Gold and Reels of Gold all featured
  • The popular Leprechaun can be played on FOBT’s, online and in arcades

With so many Rainbow Riches slot machines out there it is no wonder that there are several Rainbow Riches cheats to help the slot player win money.
Rainbow Riches is by far the most popular slot machine; played in arcades, bookies on the FOBT’s and in online casinos. The Rainbow Riches cheats cover the slots available in the bookies and arcades (adult gaming centres) in the UK for jackpots up to £500.

The original Rainbow Riches slot machine; Pots of Gold has been with us for close to 15 years and it is still proving popular on the fixed odds betting terminals. It has spawned countless copycat games from rival slot machine designers but nothing compares to the original, and every time a new Rainbow Riches slot is released, player excitement increases as they hope to find the latest Rainbow Riches cheats. Read on for the latest Rainbow Riches cheats 2017.


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Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Cheats

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold – Reels of Gold is the latest (at the time of writing) Rainbow Riches slot machine. This cheat applies only to the £500 jackpot versions in the bookies and arcades, not the online slot as the jackpots are pretty much unlimited online.
On both the £500 version and the online version of this slot you can gamble your free spins up to 100. The problem is the free spins are valued at £10 each (on the Mega Spins), so gambling past 50 is a very bad bet. Although you will not always win the jackpot with 50 free spins (you will often win it with less), you are basically gambling £500 to win £500, with the added chance of the gamble losing. If you play Reels of Gold on Mega Spins regularly, you will be costing yourself a lot of money by gambling past 50 free spins. The ideal playing method is in fact to collect between 30 and 50 free spins.

Rainbow Riches Pure Gold – This is one of my favourite slot machines. Although it can go through long patches without any wins, the pots can and often do roll in fairly frequently.
Pure Gold has only one feature, the Pots of Gold bonus. Unlike most other Rainbow Riches slots, Pure Gold uses all five reels to bring in the pot bonus symbols, this has increased quiet considerably your chances of winning the pots bonus feature. As a result of the higher hit rate, the minimum value of the pots has been decreased; bronze starts at £25 (usually £50) and silver £100 (usually £150). This Rainbow Riches cheat involves two strategies, the first one is to play the standard game if the silver pot is above £200, the second is to check the pot values on the Mega Spins on all four of the FOBT’s to see if they have higher values. In the bookies the Mega Spins game falls under a different category (B2), so is essentially a different slot machine. Use the same strategy as before; play if the silver pot is above £200, but this time play it at £20 per game. For £20 you will get five spins with the pots acting as sticky wilds which greatly increase your chances of winning the pots feature.

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix – Pick and Mix is reasonably new and has proved to be very popular with slots fans as it allows you to mix up the features you wish to play for. At the start of your game you are asked to choose three features from a selection of five, but you can actually just select one for increased odds of hitting that bonus.
This Rainbow Riches cheat involves selecting only the pots feature, you will then essentially have a game the same as Pure Gold as mentioned above. The odds of hitting the bonus are slightly lower than on Pure Gold, but you can still use the same method; play when the silver pot is £200 or more.

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold – The original Rainbow Riches slot, and still doing the rounds. Pots of Gold has a popular gamble option on most versions of this game. The gamble takes the form of a pie divided into two sections; green and red. You can change the odds on this gamble, so when you get a £12 win or above, max out the gamble for a good chance of winning £150 or more.

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold, Lucky Clover – This isn’t really a Rainbow Riches cheat, but it is a very good way to play the game. The original version of Pots of Gold has a Mega Spins option in the bookies which includes a Lucky Clover bonus. This can only be played at £20 per game and offers 5 spins for that £20, so you’re effectively playing at £4 a spin. The RTP increases slightly, but the best part is you will be awarded the Lucky Clover bonus with any reel wins of £5 and above on any spin. The Lucky Clover bonus awards multipliers up to X4, plus the Leprechaun’s bonus, Super Leprechaun’s and even the Pots of Gold bonus itself. You can win the bonus multiple times during the five spins and is well worth going for if your budget allows for it.

Rainbow Riches Free Spins – This Rainbow Riches cheat is a simple matter of choice. Coral and Ladbrokes both have Pick and Mix and the original Free Spins on the same FOBT’s, but the originals bonus symbols act as wilds during the base game where-as the Pick and Mix version does not. If you are playing Pick and Mix only for the free spins, exit the game and load up this version instead, you’ll have better odds and more wins.

The Most Popular UK Slot Machine of all Time; Rainbow Riches!





  • Very original.
  • Lots of features.
  • Base game and bonuses are often generous.

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