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Monopoly Live – A Fun Version Of Dream Catcher

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What Is Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is a popular, new game from Evolution Gaming that’s a combination of the famous board game Monopoly and Dream Catcher. I don’t doubt you’ve all played Monopoly before, but if you haven’t played Dream Catcher then there’s a bit of explaining to do so keep reading. First of all, this is a live game as you can probably tell from the title. Quite simply, the game is presented by a host who will spin the large wheel and you have to try and decide where the pointer will land. There’s obviously a bit more to it than that, but that’s the gist of it.

Monopoly Live Odds And Payouts

So what segments are there on the wheel? First, there are the numbers. These are 1, 2, 5 and 10, of which there are multiple numbers so your payouts for guessing correctly on these will vary accordingly. 1 pays 1x your stake, 2 pays 2x, 5 pays 5x and 10 pays 10x,  You’ll also notice  3 segments labeled 2 rolls or 1 with 4 roll. If you place a bet on these and it comes up, you’ll enter the 3D Bonus Round which I’ll explain more on shortly. Finally, there’s the Chance segment. This is an exciting feature whereby you’ll be presented with a chance card by Mr Monopoly himself. You can get either a cash reward from this or a multiplier bonus. This will keep all your bets the same as the spin that triggered it, and the host will spin the wheel again, with the multiplier multiplying all of the winnings if there are any. If you’re lucky enough to get another multiplier on top of this (the odds are very slim for this I might add), the multiplier will be multiplied by the new number so you could get a whopping payout here.

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3D Bonus Round

As I mentioned, you must place a bet on the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls segments and come up lucky to enter the Bonus Round. Mr Monopoly will then take you into his 3D world where you can work your way around collecting various rewards for doing so. Naturally, 2 rolls gives you 2 rolls in the Bonus, while 4 Rolls gives you 4. All of the popular characteristics from the board game are present here like the properties, free parking, jail, chance and more. Some of the properties will have houses or even hotels on them so their value will increase. If you roll a double, you’ll be given another roll of the dice. However, if you go to jail by landing on Go To Jail, you’ll need to roll a double to get out which really sucks. Whenever you pass go, all the prizes collected thereafter will be doubled. Lastly, the income tax will reduce your winnings by 10% whereas the supertax will reduce them by 20%. At the end of the Bonus, all of your winnings will be collected which could be substantial.

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Monopoly Live Final Verdict

So what do I think of Monopoly Live? Honestly, I think it’s a great game that’s more fun than Dream Catcher and has a lot going for it. First off, I like its simplicity. It’s a bit like roulette, but there are fewer betting options and more fun features like Chance and the 3D Bonus Game. The chance feature can give you some nice multipliers, and the Bonus looks incredible and can also be very rewarding. The RTP isn’t bad either at 96.23%, not quite as high as European Roulette but on par with many casino games out there. It can get expensive with big bets, but equally the payouts can be massive with £2,500 available to bet on a single spin and big multipliers available. I think it’s worth a try, especially if you like Monopoly.

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