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Deal or No Deal Bankers Birthday

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Deal or No Deal Bankers Birthday

Deal or No Deal, the Bankers Birthday celebrates the Banker in this DoND themed £100 jackpot pub fruit machine from Bell Fruit Gaming. The classic Deal or No Deal interface has been redesigned into a funky circular pattern, with the main DoND game in the top left corner.
As it’s the Bankers birthday celebrations, you can expect a wide range of celebration themed symbols and bonuses in Deal or No Deal, the Bankers Birthday fruit machine. Choose your stake from a choice of 25p, 50p or £1 play, each with a separate progressive cashpot. The progressive cashpots can reach £100 on the 50p and £1 stake options, with a maximum of £25 available on the 25p stake, however all stakes have a jackpot of £100.

Feature entry is accessed through the single winline via either a win, a set of phones, or a bonus from the fruit ladder. Been a typical Bell Fruit game there is a feature and cash ladder, but rather unusually there are no symbols for the jackpot, instead the top prize is shown as a mega streak, as is the top prize on the Deal or No Deal game board. The mega streak is a minimum of £100, up to the legal maximum of £200.

Deal or No Deal, the Bankers Birthday Gameplay

As you move around the feature board you can collect cash, features, bonuses and phones, as well as birthday surprises and birthday cake which fill up the cash metres. The higher value wins come from the super board which is opened via three Noel Edmond heads. The super board rotates around a rather fancy looking phone, with more generous awards than the lower board.
The main goal on Deal or No Deal, the Bankers Birthday fruit machine, as with most other DoND fruit machines, is to open the Deal or No Deal feature game. Here you can win anything from 1p (rounded up to £1), the cashpot or the mega streak. There are sixteen different values in total, however the selection of the box is not random, which is a shame as it goes against what the Deal or No Deal TV show was about. With this in mind, don’t expect to be offered the cashpot or mega streak too often, but they do come around sometimes, and they do occasionally repeat.

Aside from the main game, Deal or No Deal, the Bankers Birthday has a Deal or Bust button which will either offer a DoND bonus game or nothing. This can be pressed when landing on a mystery square or you may collect your win instead.
The Deal or Bust button is accumulative, and is similar to the Payback fruit machine in what level of feature it may award. The fact that the button is accumulative is good for two reasons; the more often it is pressed, the closer it comes to awarding a feature, and the lower the value of the feature the quicker you will be offered the button again (unless it is saving for a big win).

Deal or No Deal, the Bankers Birthday isn’t anything new, but it looks ok. Features can be expensive, sometimes costing around £21! But like all £100 jackpot fruit machines, the days of spending your pub change have long gone, you’ll need always need to insert some notes if you want a decent game.

Deal or No Deal Bankers Birthday Fruit Machine Tips

Three phones awards regular Deal or No Deal, four phones awards Super DoND which eliminates just three of the lowest values, and five phones awards Mega DoND which eliminates the 25% of the lowest values. Bear in mind that as the Bankers offer is not random, you will nearly always be offered no more than £15, and usually £5 to £10. To keep the offers within this area the cashpot and mega streak are always eliminated early on. This style of play means that the Deal or No Deal feature is offered far more frequently than other DoND fruit machines, but mostly has a lower value.
As the cashpots are awarded less frequently than similar looking fruit machines, the 25p stake cashpot has been upped to a maximum of £50 rather than the more common £25.

The Bankers Birthday bonus offers are awarded in conjunction with the Deal or No Deal feature when lit. If available the DoND feature game will turn red, however it is always available on £1 stake, but can only be activated via a bonus on the 25p and 50p stake.
For every offer that is made a Bankers Birthday bonus is highlighted. These include repeat chance; a chance of the offer repeating if collected, restart chance; a chance of the Deal or No Deal feature been offered again straight away, half again; an additional 50% added to the value of the offer and eliminate which will remove the lowest value. As the value of the feature is predetermined, these bonuses are essentially worthless.

Deal or No Deal the Bankers Birthday gives the impression that it wants to payout due to the frequent offers of the DoND super game, however this is misleading as the values are mostly low.

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