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Deal or No Deal Beat the Clock

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Deal or No Deal Beat the Clock

  • A unique Win Multiplier which can boost any win by up to 8 times!
  • Beat the Clock bonus in the inner super board, with no lose, just you V’s the clock
  • Build the Streak Time for up to 60 seconds of winning spins

Deal or No Deal Beat the Clock is the latest £100 jackpot fruit machine from Bell Fruit, with the usual (and hugely over-used) Deal or No Deal theme.
Deal or No Deal Beat the Clock is slightly different from the majority of DoND fruit machines, with a couple of major differences. For starters there is no traditional style Deal or No Deal super game with the mystery box, instead Beat the Clock uses displayed values which eliminate with each round, so there’s certainly no possibility of peering into the box hoping to see any reel markings to help identify the value. Secondly, there’s a win multiplier, which is more common on £500 jackpot slots such as Wild Times rather than a pub fruit machine. The win multiplier is only active on £1 play, the 25p and 50p games will not make use of this very beneficial feature from the start.
Aside from that (and the Beat the Clock game which I’ll come to shortly), Deal or No Deal Beat the Clock is a standard Bell Fruit £100 jackpot fruit machine. Three phones enter the feature, there’s an outer and inner super board, as well as a progressive trail along the bottom of the game.

Deal or No Deal Beat the Clock Gameplay

Feature entry on Deal or No Deal Beat the Clock is the standard icons in view or completion of the seven phone trial. The stake options add enhancements the larger your bet:

  • 25p: This is a standard game with no chance of triggering the Wild Multiplier.
  • 50p: A enhanced game with a chance to trigger the Wild Multiplier.
  • £1: An extra enhanced game with the Wild Multiplier always active as well as key wins which will additionally start the feature.

Deal or No Deal Beat the Clock is trying to bring elements of online and bookie slots to the £100 jackpot fruit machine. As well as the aforementioned Wild Multiplier, there is also a Pick Me bonus game triggered via landing three golden safes on the reels. The mystery win can be any value, including the £100 jackpot or the progressive cashpot!

Feature entry is gained by landing three phones, completing the trail or landing three matching fruit symbols. As you progress around the board, you can collect feature shots, cash shots, gold and silver keys, clocks, phones and Streak Time. Build up the Streak Time and choose when to take the streak for up to 60 seconds of winning spins. The keys build up the cash metre which comes with a repeat chance, and the phones activate the Deal or No Deal feature. Eight of the lowest DoND values are fixed, the highest five can be enhanced by landing on further phones. There is also the chance of winning the cashpot, but as I mentioned previously, there is no box value, the winning prize is the last light to remain lit.

The inner super board on Deal or No Deal Beat the Clock is fairly unique. Collect three phones to be moved in to the centre of the game, or try for six phones to be invincible. There is no lose square, however you will be up against the clock. When the timer reaches zero you will be moved back to the outer game.

If the Wild Multiplier is lit, any win will be multiplied up to eight times. You can take this into the feature where any wins collected will be multiplier too.

Additional to what’s been mentioned, Deal or No Deal Beat the Clock has the following features:

  • Money Maker
  • Turbo Cash
  • Win Spin
  • Quick Nudge
  • Safe Cracker
  • Stop the Clock
  • Grab the Cash
  • Win Picker
  • Every Second Counts
  • The Big Time
  • Money Belt

The Deal or No Deal super game also has a Box 23 style bonus which may be applied after any completed DoND bonus game:

  • Half Again
  • Repeat Chance
  • Double Win
  • Restart Chance
  • Skill Offer

Deal or No Deal Beat the Clock also has a repeat chance on the mega streak, cashpot or from the red £100 cash value. It is not possible to win more than £200 from any repeat.

Some unique elements.





  • Unique Beat the Clock bonus.
  • Separate Pick a Win bonus.


  • No Deal or No Deal box.

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