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Payback Fruit Machine

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Payback Fruit Machine

The Payback fruit machine is a £100 jackpot QPS pub fruit machine using three reels, multiple stakes and progressive cashpots. Mostly found in chain pubs such as Wetherspoons, the Payback fruit machine borrows heavily from many Deal or No Deal style games, using instead a Wild West theme to display the action.
The base game consists of three rotating reels allowing for one of eleven cash wins to roll onto the winline, or a basic feature entry via three Payback fruit machine symbols anywhere in view, or directly onto the winline for an enhanced feature entry. To help increase the winning and feature entry chances, nudges can be used to bring in wins and Payback symbols, or you may complete the Payback trail to start the feature.
The Payback fruit machine feature is played on multiple levels, with a standard gaming board which may add to the nudges, shots, Payback symbols, bullets and extra lives, as well as an enhanced level to further increase cash, bullets and feature and cash shots.

Payback Fruit Machine Tips

The bullets add to the streak pot, although three and below can pay as low as £3, so they are never really worth taking unless you are collecting small wins. 
The Payback top feature is a Deal or No Deal style game, however it is not random and it will be rare to be offered more than £50. The use of the double board in the main super feature will allow you to predict what your value will likely be, as your hidden value will need to remain lit on both panels (be aware of poorly maintained fruit machines with many lights out, play in a better location if it is a common problem).

If forcing fruit machines is your thing, the Payback fruit machine isn’t too bad. You’ll mostly need a budget of up to £150, but you should have easy access to more if required. Play on £1 play until it is nearly ready to pay the jackpot; landing on the £25 shot is a sign it’s close. Once the £25 shot has been hit, change your stake to 50p, again not collecting anything until the Mega Streak has been awarded. In most cases it will go invincible from multiple Payback symbols, in this case the Mega Streak will be red. It can pay up to £150, but is usually £100, you then need to play a few more board where-by the jackpot will probably be awarded again.
Remember, this is only a guide and you may not win every time, especially if more than one person plays it in the same way. You do not have to play it on £1, you can play on 50p the entire time, like-wise you do not have to change stake near the end to 50p, but it will save you around £8 if you do.

The second jackpot may not always come, in which case you’ll need to collect some super features which may either offer you the jackpot if you are lucky, or £50. You will not win all of the time with this method, but if you play enough, in the long run you will have a profit. You may also play similar looking pub fruit machines in the same way, with jackpot usually costing around £90.

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