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Hit the Top Roulette

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Hit the Top Roulette

Hit the Top Roulette uses a traditional roulette wheel with an additional space to award a bonus feature that can pay up to £500 for a side bet of £1 up to £5. Hit the Top Roulette pays standard odds of 36/1 for a single number and allows all of the usual betting options such as splits, corners, streets etc.
Just like all bookies roulette machine games, Hit the Top has a maximum stake per spin of £100, with a maximum win per spin of £500. Any bets that may take you over this limit are capped at the maximum limit, which is £13.85 for a straight-up number. The roulette wheel is the standard that you would find on the majority of Betfred and William Hill fixed odds betting terminals. The ball stops opposite its starting position, which a lot of players don’t like, allowing you to predict with reasonable accuracy as to where the ball will come to a stop the moment you press start.


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Hit the Top Roulette

This fun bonus is reminiscent of old fashioned fruit machines, and is probably one of the best bonus roulette games to come out in a long while. A ladder gamble is able to take you to the top of the game, with each position filled in with notes of varying values depending on the stake you placed on the Hit the Top Roulette bonus position. Unlike other bonus roulette games, Hit the Top Roulette can award the £500 jackpot on all of the stakes, including the lowest of £1, this makes the bonus feature far better value than say Deal or No Deal Roulette.
The maximum bet on the Hit the Top Roulette bonus position is £5, and although the £500 can be won on all stakes, the value of the minimum prize, as well as the value of the notes on the ladder change according to your stake. The number of positions needed to advance up the ladder remain the same, and the feature is 100% random.
When you enter the bonus feature you will be awarded a minimum prize, the value of which is determined by your stake, you will then be awarded three shots to progress to the next position on the ladder. Each time you progress up the ladder your shots are reset to three, so you will always have three shots to progress up each position. For each successful climb the value of the note is banked, with the total amount accumulated paid when you either reach the top of the ladder, or you use up all of your shots. The award structure is determined by your stake on the bonus position and pays as follows:

  • £1 – A minimum win of £10 with the order of notes as follows; £5, £5, £5, £5, £10, £10, £10, £20, £20, Jackpot.
  • £2 – A minimum win of £20 with the order of notes as follows; £10, £10, £10, £20, £20, £20, £20, £20, £50, Jackpot.
  • £3 – A minimum win of £30 followed by; £20, £20, £20, £20, £20, £50, £50, £50, £50, Jackpot.
  • £4 – A £40 minimum prize followed by; £20, £20, £20, £50, £50, £50, £50, £50, £50, Jackpot.
  • £5 – A minimum win of £50, with the prize ladder as follows; £20, £20, £50, £50, £50, £50, £50, £50, £50, Jackpot.

Although the minimum values are low, with the three shots you are more than likely to progress at least a little way along the ladder. You need to weigh up the value of the feature with what you would win had you bet a similar amount straight-up on a number. Betting £5 on a number would pay £180. To get to this value on the ladder you need to progress four positions (£190), with each additional position paying a further £50, which is a big leap, and worth the gamble.
The biggest jump comes from the £1 stake, with the final ladder position been the difference between winning £100 or £500. There are currently no other bonus roulette games in the bookies with such an award structure.


Hit the Top Roulette Betting Options

You may bet on the roulette wheel in the usual way, or to assist you with your betting there are several helpful buttons that will either bet on your favourite numbers, or randomly select choices you may not have thought of.

  • Scatter Bet: Places £5 worth of chips around a number you select.
  • Lucky Dip: Places £10 worth of chips in various positions around the table.
  • All In: If you have from 10p up to £10 left in credit, this option will place it in various positions around the table.
  • Perfect Bet: This will cover every straight-up, split and corner around your selected number.
  • Double Up: A the name suggests, will double your previous bet. Handy if you are outside betting.
  • Add Again: This bet places the Double Up bet again.
  • Double Up Neighbours Bet: Doubles your neighbours bets.

You may recognise a lot of those betting options from other betting terminal games such as 100 to 1 Roulette. As they are optional, they are very handy to have, although some will get used a lot more than others, some will also be capped by maximum betting limits.

All in all Hit the Top Roulette by Inspired Gaming has one of the best bonus features of all bonus roulette machine games, due mainly to the fact that it is possible to win the £500 maximum limit with a single £1 stake. Hit the Top Roulette is currently available to play at Betfred betting shops.

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