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Original Roulette

Original Roulette

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  • The first FOBT roulette game to come to the UK gambling scene
  • The second most popular roulette game, coming just behind 20p Roulette
  • Standard bookies roulette odds of 37/1 with the game available in Coral and Ladbrokes

Original Roulette, the classic bookies roulette game found in Coral and Ladbrokes betting terminals.
At the start of each game a number between zero and 36 will be drawn. The results of this draw will then be shown as an animation as to where the ball comes to rest on the spinning wheel. When making a successful selection, your winnings will be multiplied by the standard bookies roulette odds as detailed below.

To play Original Roulette, simply insert notes or coins, or hand your money to the staff at the counter who will then credit the betting terminal for you. Over the counter funds will also allow you to bet over the £50 limit should you wish to do so.
Betting is simple and involves nothing more than touching the screen to choose where you would like to place your roulette chips. The value of the chips defaults to 20p, but this can be changed in the options by selecting high, medium or low. These same options will also allow you to increase or decrease the area in which you are betting if you choose the neighbours bet option.
As with all bookies roulette games, the maximum that can be won per spin is £500, therefore bets may be limited to reflect this amount. You will not be able to bet over £14 on a single number, or less if the accumulation exceeds to £500 jackpot win limit; for example betting on red or black plus a number.
During betting, you may remove single chips or clear the entire table to start again. Simple press the appropriate option at the base of the screen. When you are happy with you bets simply press the ‘start’ button or the ‘spin’ button on the screen. The ball will then rotate and land on its randomly selected outcome. Any winnings above £50 may be collected as a ticket, or credited to your win bank for future play.

FOBT Original Roulette

Original Roulette has a random percentage of 97.30% and has been tested for compliance with the Technical Standards issued by the UK Gambling Commission.
Original Roulette is a fixed odds betting terminal game with standard roulette odds; 35/1 for a straight-up number, 17/1 for a split (two numbers), 11/1 for a row of three numbers, 8/1 for a corner covering four numbers, 5/1 for a row of six numbers, 2/1 for twelve numbers covered and even money (1/1) for an outside 50/50 bet such as red or black.
Original Roulette also has a few advanced betting options to help you place your bets on the roulette machine easier. These include:

  • Last 11: Chips are placed on the last 11 numbers in the history panel. Multiple chips are placed when numbers are repeated in the history.
  • Lucky Dip: Chips are scattered randomly on to the table. Lucky Dip costs £10, however if the credit remaining is below this amount, the closest affordable amount will be offered to the nearest 10p.
  • Lucky Number: Select a number on the table. Chips are then placed on the chosen number and surrounding split bet positions when available.
  • Scatter: Select a number and chips are randomly scattered on and around the selected number.

Original Roulette is a fixed odds betting terminal game developed by SG Gaming and can be played in both Coral and Ladbrokes betting shops.

The First Bookies Roulette Game in the UK





  • The first FOBT game.

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