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Pinball Roulette

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Pinball Roulette

  • A totally crazy game, combining bagatelle with roulette and pinball
  • The style of the game makes it impossible to see the outcome of the ‘spin’ until the very last second
  • An additional gamble option allows for the chance to multiply your winnings

This crazy version of roulette is inspired by pinball and bagatelle, combining to bring a very erratic game of standard European roulette. Pinball Roulette uses recognisable betting options that are generally available on all roulette games, with bets such as straight-up, splits, corners, streets etc. Plus the usual outside bets of odd and even, red and black and high and low, all of which pay European roulette odds.
The biggest difference between Pinball Roulette and European roulette; aside from the gamble which we will come to later, is the way the number is selected. Some of you may be familiar with Bagatelle Roulette, the £500 jackpot betting terminal game found in William Hill and Betfred. The way in which Pinball Roulette displays the winning number is very similar, with the roulette ball launched from the bottom right side of the screen, it will then fall between pins and bounce off elasticated bumpers, all the while the roulette numbers at the base of the screen will be rotating, until the ball reaches its final resting position between a coloured number from 0 to 36. The first part of the game ends at this point, with a losing bet taking you back to the main Pinball Roulette table where you may repeat your bet, add to or change it before starting a new game. A winning bet allows the option to either bank your winnings, or if you are feeling brave, you may gamble your winnings in an attempt to multiply them by up to 10x.


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Pinball Roulette Gamble

The Pinball Roulette gamble certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted as it’s very difficult to make out what is going on the first couple of times. I did make a YouTube video which shows some real-play action, with multiple gambles taking place to give you an idea of what is happening.
The Pinball Roulette gamble allows for the chance to increase your winnings up to 10x during each round. If you choose to gamble, the roulette ball will be launched from the same position in the bottom right of the screen, however the main game board has changed and now much more closely resembles a traditional pinball table. The ball will bounce around from the top, working its way down, hitting multipliers as it falls and bounces to the bottom of the screen. If it falls in either the left or right side, you lose no matter how many multipliers were lit up. If it falls into the middle, you only win if a multiplier has been lit. At the end of the round, if you have won you are given the option to gamble again, or you may collect and return to the main Pinball Roulette betting table.

The gamble takes some getting used to as it happens very fast, but once you are used to it you may find you enjoy it more than the main Pinball Roulette game.

Pinball Roulette is one of many themed roulette games. Although it hasn’t made its way to the bookies betting terminals, it is available to play in a lot of online casinos. The maximum betting limits will vary depending on where you are playing, but most have a minimum bet value of 1p.


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