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50p Roulette 000 Edition

50p roulette

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50p Roulette 000 Edition Bookies Roulette

  • You can now increase your table bet up to £50
  • Three zeros on a European layout roulette wheel
  • The Spin-Bar allows table stakes to change from £2, up to £50

50p Roulette, 000 Edition is the latest version of bookies / arcade roulette with a £500 jackpot. The 50p Roulette game uses a standard European layout roulette wheel, but now includes three zeros. The addition of an extra zero reduces this random roulette games RTP down to 92.30%.
Inspired Gaming have also increased the maximum chip stake from £30, up to £50. This changes the odds on the Spin-Bar to reflect the increased spin value, although you can still place £2 worth of chips and have the entire Spin-Bar green for a proper roulette spin every game should you wish to.

50p Roulette Spin-Bar

The Spin-Bar on 50p Roulette is used to allow for increased bets on the roulette wheel, and is a way to bypass the £2 maximum stake. The older 20p Roulette allowed for table bets of up to £30, 50p Roulette has increased this to a maximum of £50. The odds on the Spin-Bar vary according to the amount placed on the roulette table. £2 (the minimum bet) will show the Spin-Bar as entirely green, allowing for a spin on the ball every game. The more chips you place on the 50p Roulette table, the more the odds will change on the Spin-Bar to reflect your desired bet. Placing £4 worth of chips on the table will show a 50/50 chance on the Spin-Bar. Increasing beyond this, the odds will get shorter, up to £50 which will be a tiny slice of green on a mostly red Spin-Bar.
The Spin-Bar is entirely random, so placing £50 worth of chips on the roulette table will give long-term odds of 25/1 for getting a spin. This does not mean you will get a game every £50, these are random odds so you might get two or more games in £50, or you might get none at all.

50p roulette betting

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50p Roulette 000 Edition Betting

50p Roulette is a standard roulette game when it comes to betting. There are 36 numbers, plus an additional three zeros, for a total of 39 possible outcomes. The odds on 50p Roulette pay out as standard roulette, which is 36/1 for a straight-up number.
As this is a bookies / arcade fixed odds betting terminal (FOBT) game, the jackpot is limited to a maximum of £500 per game. The maximum jackpot limits the maximum stake per number, which is slightly under the equivalent of £14 to give a possible return of £500. The minimum bet per game is £2, this can be spread over as many or as few numbers as you would like. All numbers pay the same odds, there is nothing special about the extra zeros, this isn’t bonus roulette.

50p roulette wheel

Once you have placed your chips and are ready to bet, the Spin-Bar will move up and down. A green section awards a spin, a red section takes a credit without a spin. Once a spin has been awarded, the main 50p Roulette game takes place. A ball will spin and land on a number, paying any winning bets that may have been placed, you will then be back to the Spin-Bar to start again should you wish to do so.

50p Roulette 000 Edition Odds

The odds are displayed as chip values, rather than cash values, so 50 chips pays the equivalent of 50p, 5000 chips is the equivalent of £50.

Single Number Min 50 Max 1385 Odds 35/1

Pair / Split Min 50 Max 2775 Odds 17/1

Three Numbers Min 50 Max 4165 Odds 11/1

Four Numbers Min 50 Max 5000 Odds 8/1

Six Numbers Min 50 Max 5000 Odds 5/1

Dozens Min 100 Max 5000 Odds 2/1

Red and Black Min 100 Max 5000 Odds 1/1

Odd and Even Min 100 Max 5000 Odds 1/1

High and Low Min 100 Max 5000 Odds 1/1

50p roulette table layout

50p Roulette 000 Edition Conclusion

50p Roulette 000 Edition has been designed by Inspired Gaming to by-pass the maximum bets that were removed from the bookies in 2018, whilst still allowing for the potential of a £50 roulette game. The Spin-Bar slows the betting down, and due to its random nature, you will never be sure you’ll get a spin for £50. You may get multiple £50 value spins for less than a true £50 bet, or it may cost you £100+ for a single game. You then of course need to hit your number, and depending on how you bet, this might be a long process. You don’t need to bet for a full £50 (5000 chips), but if you bet less, you may as well play 20p Roulette for slightly better odds.

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