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Black Knight Evolution

Black Knight Evolution

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Black Knight Evolution £500 Jackpot Slot

  • A futuristic version of the original Black Knight slot
  • Up to 32,768 winning combinations with a £500 jackpot
  • A high volatile slot with a Knight Time bonus wheel on wins of x5 or more

Black Knight Evolution is the latest £500 jackpot slot in the Black Knight series from Light and Wonder (formerly SG Gaming), using the popular slot theme of the Black Knight. The gaming series currently consists of Black Knight, Black Knight Community, Mighty Black Knight and Black Knight Evolution.

The Black Knight Evolution slot doesn’t have too much of a back story, but if we look at the reel symbols, we can see most things in the future are covered in circuit boards.

Black Knight Evolution Game Play

Black Knight Evolution is a multi-level slot, advancing on the Mighty Reels theme made popular on slots such as Hercules High and Mighty. Black Knight Evolution uses an anyways pays model, similar to Megaways, with up to 32,768 possible winning combinations. The wins pay from left to right and feature ten different symbols, plus a wild which is double height but only represents a single paying symbol. The highest volatility of the slot comes from the £2 premium play, but with the high volatility comes higher potential awards.
Like a lot of the new releases from Light and Wonder, Black Knight Evolution allows the premium play option to be selected on all of the available stakes. The premium play awards a Knight Times bonus which has the potential to award free spins or a multiplier on the win value that triggered the Knight Times spin.

Black Knight Evolution £500 Jackpot


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Black Knight Evolution Premium Play Knight Time Bonus

The Knight Times bonus is only available when premium play has been selected. Please note that not all locations (mainly Ladbrokes and Coral) have the premium play option available, so you may only be able to play in the regular game. The Knight Times bonus awards a bonus wheel on base-game cash values of x5 or greater (basically a £10+ win on £2 play). This is higher than most of their other slots, which generally award a bonus wheel from wins of £5 or more. Think of Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold on the Mega Game for example.
The Knights Times bonus uses a rotating arrow to either multiply the win that triggered the spin (up to x 5), or an amount of free spins, up to 15.

Black Knight Evolution slot

Black Knight Evolution Free Spins

The free spins on Black Knight Evolution are very high value, and as the more spins you have, the higher the game expands, the values increase significantly from one spin to the next.
Free spins can be awarded from the Knight Times bonus, a successful gamble, or landing three or more scatter symbols.

3 x scatters awards 8 free spins

4 x scatters awards 12 free spins

5 x scatters awards 20 free spins

During the free spins, the game starts as the regular base-game. However, things pick up the more you manage to land additional scatters. Each additional scatter will open up the reel an extra space, plus it will award one additional free spin. If a reel expands to its maximum height (8 symbols), the Super Spin will be awarded at the conclusion of the regular spins. If an additional scatter lands on an already maxed out reel, an extra spin will still be awarded.
At the conclusion of the free spins, any collected Super Spins will be played out. These Super Spins are very high value as all of the lower symbols have been removed, and the reels will be significantly larger than the base-game. You can also still potentially collect further Super Spins by opening up the reels in the same way as the regular free spins, plus additional extra spins.

Black Knight Evolution Gamble

Light and Wonder slots have great gambling options for people who enjoy that side of the game. Any cash win has the option to gamble for more cash, or free spins. The gamble on Black Knight Evolution is carried out on five columns of various odds. These are true odds gambles, with a long-term RTP of 100%. Basically, that means the gamble is entirely random, and the odds you see are true odds. As mentioned previously, the free spins are high value, and as the value of the bonus accumulates the more spins you have, the value of the spins also increases. What this means is that 20 free spins is worth more than double of 10 free spins. The gamble columns will therefore reflect their true value.
You can collect at any point prior to pressing the gamble button, you can also part-bank cash but not free spins.

Black Knight Evolution Percentage Payouts (please not, these may vary depending on location)

The percentage payouts vary according to stake and whether you have the Knight Times bonus active. They can also vary by location, so check the help screen of your game terminal for the RTP.

20p stake with Knight Times active 87%

50p stake with Knight Times active 89%

£1 stake with Knight Times active 91%

£2 stake with Knight Times active 93%

20p stake with Knight Times de-activated 86%

50p stake with Knight Times de-activated 88%

£1 stake with Knight Times de-activated 90%

£2 stake with Knight Times de-activated 92%

As you can see, the RTP (Return To Player) is slightly higher with the Knight Times bonus active. This is because it is a more volatile game, so long term you’ll likely get less wins but higher value wins.

Black Knight Evolution Tips

If you are a player who likes to push for the £500 jackpot, you might wish to go steady-ish on the free spins gamble. As the free spins are very high value, it is not worth gambling to the maximum of 50 free spins when on £2 stake on premium play, you’ll miss-out of most of the Super Spins as you will reach the £500 before they have been exhausted. In my opinion, you’ll be better off at around 30 free spins, which can easily award close to the jackpot, then if you wish, push the cash gamble for the £500 at the conclusion of the spins. That way you’ll get a good chance of a lot of Super Spins, plus a good chance of hitting the £500 jackpot without the additional risk of pushing for the extra spins.

Black Knight Evolution Conclusion

Black Knight Evolution is a fantastic addition the to Black Knight slot series, and is one of my favourite slot games at the moment. The volatility can be a bit heavy, and it can go through some big dead patches between wins. This style of game is more suited to gamblers who enjoy high volatility £500 jackpot slots.

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