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Gold Fish Reel Action

gold fish reel action

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Gold Fish Reel Action £500 Jackpot Slot

  • A 7 reeled fish based slot
  • With up to 50 win lines, and an RTP of up to 92% on £2 play
  • Wins can be gambled for up to a maximum of 100 free spins, or £500

The Gold Fish Reel Action slot is a £500 jackpot slot game from Light & Wonder (formerly SG Gaming), with a selection of stakes of up to £2 play, and an RTP of between 86% for the lowest price of play of 20p, up to 92% for the maximum price of play of £2.
Unlike most slot machines, the Gold Fish Reel Action slot is played on 7 reels, with 50 independent win lines. Because Gold Fish Reel Action uses so many win lines, on first impressions it appears to be an anyways pays slot, paying from left to right. However, the connecting wins do need to follow a win line in order to be paid, they can however be anywhere within the reels, as long as three or more are adjacent.

Gold Fish Reel Action Game Play

The game play on Gold Fish Reel Action is rather unique, owing to the fact that it is played on seven reels. There are ten different symbols in play at all times, plus the additional scatter symbols. The lowest paying symbols are the Starfish, Octopus and Crab. Then we have a pink fish and a gold fish, green fish, blue, red and Clown fish, with the Treasure Chest being worth the most.
If you do manage to hit a win which connects across all seven reels, even the lowest paying symbols pay a lot. On one of my YouTube videos over at Stop and Step, I hit a seven of a kind green fish which spread across multiple win lines. As this was £200 for a single line, it easily reached the £500 jackpot.

gold fish slot


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Gold Fish Reel Action Free Spins Bonus and Gamble

Just like many other slots, Gold Fish Reel Action awards the free spins bonus via three or more scatter symbols anywhere in view. Although it is rare to hit more then three, it is possible to hit seven scatters!
3 scatters awards 10 free spins
4 scatters awards 20 free spins
5 scatters awards 30 free spins
6 scatters awards 50 free spins
7 scatters awards 100 free spins

It is also possible to achieve free spins via the gamble option. Any win can be gambled for the chance of increasing your cash win, or aiming for free spins. You can’t part-bank free spins, but you can part-bank cash.
The maximum possible from the gamble is £500 or 100 free spins. This is a true odds gambles with five different options to choose from should you wish to go for the gamble. The gamble option is only available if auto-play is not being used

light and wonder gamble

Gold Fish Reel Action Game Play

As there are so many reels, you may get the impression that the free spins bonus lands frequently. This isn’t necessarily the case. As the value of the spins is reasonably high (but not as high as Black Knight Evolution), the hit rate on the bonus reflects this, so you may have a wait for the bonus to drop in naturally.
You can gamble for the free spins, with the minimum amount being three. The gamble isn’t to everyone’s taste, and the option only becomes available if the auto-play is not active. I have gambled to 100 free spins several times, and it often reaches the jackpot with a lot remaining. With that in mind, if you are a jackpot gambler, you may be better off aiming for around 50 free spins, then pushing the cash gamble at the end, or hoping that it reaches the £500 jackpot within the 50 free spins.

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Gold Fish Reel Action is a great game, and one I’ll certainly continue to play for a while longer at least.

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