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Legend of Midas

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Legend of Midas £500 Jackpot Slot

  • A £500 jackpot, multi-stake slot from Light & Wonder
  • 50 win-lines and six reels, but a very hard to land bonus
  • Win up to 15x on the Touch of Gold bonus

Legend of Midas is a £500 jackpot slot from Light & Wonder, the company behind Black Knight Evolution and many other highly produced £500 jackpot slot machines. The Legend of Midas slot is played on six reels, with 50 win-lines. Due to the amount of reels and win-lines, individual wins are rather small, but large clusters of them are possible. The winning potential can also be helped along by wild symbols, and a Wild Burst reel which I’ll explain a bit further down.

The Legend of Midas has twelve regular reel symbols, plus the addition of scatters and Wild Bursts. The reel symbols are Wild, Crown, Cup, Vase, Coin, Harp, Rose, Grape, then the usual poker symbols of Spade, Heart, Club and Diamond. The value of the symbols changes depending on the stake, but also the volatility level of the stake you are playing at. The stake levels can get a little confusing as the slot machine doesn’t actually explain the differences between them, so you may see several options for the same stake.
The stake options are Premium Play 40p, £1, £2 Mega and £2 Ultra. Then there is regular 20p, 50p, £1 and £2. The differences between the Mega and Ultra are pretty big, the win values are doubled, so the volatility changes. Basically, you’ll most likely get less wins, but higher value wins on £2 Ultra than you would on £2 Mega. Think of the difference between the green and red Mega and Ultra spins on the pre-gambles for slots such as Super Star Turns. This is similar, but embedded within the slot game itself, rather than having the pre-gamble beforehand.
This is a better way to do it, but I think the stake differences could be a little clearer. My personal preference is £2 Mega, more wins but smaller values. The majority of players automatically go for the highest option.


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Legend of Midas Slot, Touch of Gold Bonus

The Touch of Gold bonus is only available on the Premium Play wins. Depending on your stake level, the Touch of Gold bonus is awarded at a certain multiplier. On £2 Ultra, the bonus is awarded with wins of £5 or more, but if you go for the £2 Mega, the bonus is awarded on reel wins of £2.50 or more. The additional bonus is also available on the 40p and £1 Premium play, with the multiplier amount varying between stakes.
The Touch of Gold bonus uses a pyramid of multipliers, allowing you to potentially increase your reel win by up to 15x. That’s a pretty big multiplier, even on the smaller wins. Slots such as Black Knight Evolution award up to 5x, but they do offer the chance of free spins too, the Legend of Midas does not.

Legend of Midas Slot Free Spins

Light & Wonder are the kings of progressive value free spins, no other slot provider comes close. The Legend of Midas is another £500 jackpot slot that uses progressive value free spins. These are free spins that increase in value the more you have, rather than being the same value for each one. Think of Wild Outlaws, 20 free spins is worth a lot more than double of 10 free spins, due to the addition of sticky wilds. The Legend of Midas slot works on a similar concept, but less noticeable as the Wild Burst symbol sticks for the duration of the spins, with additional sticky Wild Bursts possible throughout the entire bonus.
The free spins bonus is awarded in various ways, but all are extremely rare. So rare in fact, that at the time of writing, I’ve been playing the Legend of Midas slot a lot, and have never triggered a natural bonus!
The ways in which it can be awarded are Wild Burst plus Scatter, or three or more Scatters. It’s also possible to activate the free spins via the gamble.

At the start of the free spins bonus, one Wild Burst symbol sticks to the reels and will spread wilds about during each spin. During the bonus it is possible to be awarded more Wild Burst symbols, these will then add even more wilds. The more you have, the bigger the bonus will be, up to a maximum of £500.

Legend of Midas Slot Gamble

Light & Wonder make the best slot gambles on the £500 jackpot games. They actually make it a feature of the slot, rather than a stuck on red or black gamble. The Legend of Midas uses five pie gambles of varying odds, with free spins and cash amounts possible. I generally have the gamble option on for wins of £5 or more, but you can gamble any win, or turn the option off entirely.
The odds displayed on the gamble options are true odds. Once you go for free spins, the cash gambles will disappear, so you may prefer to try and gamble the cash first before swapping over to free spins. You can part-bank cash, but you can’t part-bank free spins.

Legend of Midas £500 Jackpot Slot Percentage Payouts (please not, these may vary depending on location)

The Legend of Midas is a great slot on £500 jackpot, but the hit rate on the bonus dropping in naturally is very high, even at 94%, so the lower stake RTP players might be in for a long wait!
The RTP’s are:

20p 86%
50p 88%
£1 90%
£2 92%

40p Mega 87%
£1 Mega 90%
£2 Mega 94%

£2 Ultra 94%

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