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Top Flight Roulette

Top Flight Roulette

  • A high odds bookies FOBT roulette game
  • Ladbrokes latest roulette style game pays odds of up to 250/1

Top Flight Roulette is a very strange and unique FOBT roulette game playable in both Coral and Ladbrokes betting shops. It uses a traditional dart board which effectively acts as the roulette wheel, with each position paying varying odds from even money up to a very high 250/1.
Top Flight Roulette looks unlike any other FOBT (Fixed Odds Betting Terminal) roulette game, and as such will take some getting used to. There is no bonus slot, there are however a massive 101 different betting positions on the main ‘roulette’ grid, with each dart number having five difference options, plus the bulls-eye. Just like the majority of other high odds FOBT roulette games, the minimum chip values start at 10p, with a minimum bet per spin of £1. The maximum price per game can be either £50 or £100, providing the legal win limit of £500 per game is not exceeded.

Top Flight Roulette Gameplay

Before you get to see the strange wheel spin, you first need to place a minimum of £1 on a single or series of numbers (or bulls-eye). As stated previously, each number has five different options, each paying different odds. You can place your chips on the straight, double, outer single, treble and inner-single of each number, there are also various outside bets which include; any treble, any double, any green, any red, any outer single and any outer double. The odds pay as follows:

  • Bulls-Eye or Treble Number250/1
  • Double Number125/1
  • Inner Single Number60/1
  • Outer Single Number40/1
  • Straight Number18/1
  • Any Treble11/1
  • Any Red7/1
  • Any Green7/1
  • Any Double5/1
  • Any Inner Single2/1
  • Any Outer Single1/1 (evens)

As you can see there are a lot of different odds available, and although it is difficult to remember them all, it’s worth noting that the bulls-eye and trebles pay the same odds of 250/1, in much the same way as zero and a number pay the same odds on traditional bookies roulette.

Once you have laid your bets, press the spin button to watch the ball bounce around the dart board. Each section of the Top Flight Roulette wheel has a series of indentations, the higher the odds the less indentations (bulls-eye and trebles have only one). The ball will fly about all over the wheel before coming to a halt in one of the positions, any resulting winning bet is then paid.

Top Flight Roulette is very confusing however the odds are clearly displayed to the left of the upper screen, with the game’s history shown on the right. The maximum bet on a number is £2, to return a maximum of £500. As the odds are high and the stakes are relatively low it is possible to hit a good winning streak and come out with a significant profit. The biggest drawback to playing Top Flight Roulette is the confusing nature of the game which a lot of FOBT players won’t be too familiar with, however if you are unsure of the game, you could just put ten 10p chips anywhere and hope for the best.

Top Flight Roulette is not currently available to play online, however it is in both Ladbrokes and Coral betting shops.

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