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Biggest Roulette Machine Win

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Biggest Roulette Machine Win

It’s rare to have a massive result on the bookies fixed odds betting terminals, so I was lucky to catch my biggest roulette machine win on camera. This roulette machine win was in a Coral bookies in Sudbury, UK. It was on a variety of FOBT games, but mostly Super Gambler Roulette and Key Bet 500 Roulette. I had the maximum stake limit of £100 activated, and most of my bets were a fairly reasonable £60 a spin.
Because the odds on Key Bet 500 Roulette are so high, a lucky streak can result in some very good profit. Most of my biggest roulette machine win came from this game, and although I’ve never hit a win with the £500 key, I have had some very good multipliers. There is a very similar roulette game online; Diamond Bet 1000. This plays the same, but as the name suggests the odds pay up to 1000/1. I’m yet to hit the 1000/1 jackpot on that game either.

I had about 60% of the Key Bet 500 wheel covered, with chip stack values varying. As the odds are high, a £1 chip returns £101. My highest number; 11 had the maximum chip value of slightly under £5. A successful hit on that number would return £500, and although I was still waiting for it, many other numbers between £1 and £2 were hitting frequently, gradually building my balance up and helping to achieve my biggest roulette machine win.

Big Win on the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

Key Bet 500 roulette uses the same animation style as rival bookies Betfred and William Hill on their roulette games, in that the ball will stop opposite to where it starts. Although it doesn’t benefit in any way, you can often work out if you are a winner before the ball has come to a complete stop. My next spin started at around the blue key, so I knew it was aiming for the vicinity of the black number 46. This had one of my highest bets on, and although there were a lot of corners and splits, the return would be close to the £500 jackpot.
Unfortunately the ball went straight in number 92, so not only was it next door to one of my highest bet, it also had nothing on it! My next spin was also a lose, so I took that as my queue to leave, and went to the next game, Super Gambler Roulette. My current balance was slightly under £2000, so although I hadn’t reached my biggest roulette machine win just yet, I was on target, just needing a little more luck.

It’s very easy to get carried away on these games, and when you are playing at close to £100 a spin, your balance can deteriorate rapidly, especially at the speed in which these can play with the simple press of the ‘repeat bet’ button. My biggest roulette machine win may be close, but a big roulette machine loss could also be only 10 minutes away.

Super Gambler Roulette had loaded up and I bet on half of the wheel. This is one of my favourite roulette systems, I simply pick half of the wheel; either high blacks and low reds, or high reds and low blacks. I then place a series of chips on the numbers, picking out a few of my favourites for bigger bets. I started off with high reds and low blacks, this covers the right half of the roulette wheel from 23 down to 10, I also covered zero. My favourite numbers to help me achieve my biggest roulette machine win were 11, zero and 27. Incidentally, zero hadn’t been seen in 105 spins, so although roulette numbers are never ‘due’, I did back it to come out. The first bet was £50.25 and ended on number 26, next door to zero, but an empty spot. I upped the bet very slightly, putting £4 on the split between 8 and 11, then pressed ‘spin’. Another lose, black 35. Although it’s a small amount in relation to the balance of my biggest roulette machine win, I was down £100 in about a minute!
I increased my bet to £60, giving me a balance of £1700, which in my mind I told myself I would collect if it lost, although I’ve told myself that before and carried on. Not when playing for my biggest roulette machine win, but just in general bookies roulette machine play. Luckily zero came in with £7.50 on it straight up, paying £270 and taking my balance to £1970. I repeated the bet, which this time lost, so upped it again to £75. 19 came in with a £5 bet, paying £180 (£105 profit on that spin). Another repeat bet saw another zero, still with £7.50 on it, but helping greatly towards my biggest roulette machine win. Then straight after, my highest value number; 11 came in. 11 had £7.75 straight-up and £7 on the split, paying £409.50. My balance was now at its peak of £2544.15.

A final repeat bet saw the losing number 18 come in. At this point I collected my ticket and cashed out.

Although I’ve had many big wins online, this was my biggest roulette machine win on a fixed odds betting terminal. What’s your best result? Let me know in the comments below.

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